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Teams & Teamwork

SC&C organization teams and teamwork

This Teams & Teamwork module of Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s consultative resources is most effective when used in conjunction with these other available modules:

Effective Teams

Getting employees to work effectively on a team is a project in itself. Many times, groups of individuals attempting to work together toward organizational objectives are just that – a group. Similarly, in most cases, the individuals in groups desire to be just that – an individual. The truth is this.

Some team environments will inevitably have members who are not pulling their weight. They know the other team members will pick up their slack, resulting in slackers receiving the same rewards as everyone else.

This, ultimately, can be detrimental to your team-building efforts, employee motivation and satisfaction, and performance/productivity.

When team members feel challenged in their tasks, responsible for the outcome of their efforts, and are all in line with the team’s objectives, they are more likely to remain motivated to complete the project.

They feel a strong sense of companionship and will grow together as a team and in each team member’s personal life. Organizations benefit from increased employee retention, reduced training downtime, and lower costs.

Promoting teamwork in the workplace is necessary because the failure to work together is an unacceptable consequence, whether intentional or unintentional.

Stewart, Cooper & Coon leverages our experience with the significant potential for developing high-performing teams and team members using Ginnett’s Team Leadership Model (TLM), and the Tuckman and Jensen 4-stage model of team development and effectiveness, among other preferred resources and tools.

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