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Organizational Performance Management

This Organizational Performance Management module of Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s consultative resources is most effective when considered with these other available modules:SC&C organizational performance management

Stewart, Cooper & Coon can help develop talent solutions that make an immediate impact on talent supply and people management, with a goal of helping to build a talent-rich organization. We can also provide the steps to help leaders address their talent challenges quickly, within days of initial introduction to the organization.

We believe that people working together collaboratively form the basis of competitive advantage in any organization. We strive to improve employee engagement and company performance in all our work with clients. By focusing on both, companies can achieve real change and sustainable advantage over competitors, even those that attract your talent.

Four Challenges

Stewart, Cooper & Coon helps you to address four main challenges:

  • Creating an organization design that maximizes efficiency, management effectiveness, cooperation, and employee commitment
  • Focusing on successful talent management practices by hiring the right talent, ensuring that employees are performing the proper activities to the best of their abilities, helping them develop the appropriate skills and capabilities, connecting them with one another, and attaining excellence in their respective function
  • Raising performance by working explicitly on behavior and culture in ways that are both measurable and supportive of strategic goals
  • Identifying, developing and deploying highly skilled and adaptive leaders prepared to successfully navigate the changing requirements of 21st century leadership and talent, supported by robust metrics, systems and development programs to generate the bench strength required for long-term success and achievement of strategic goals

Recent research shows a shift in focus for many organizations—rather than looking to cut or regrow the workforce, leading organizations are focused on getting the right skills in place to both achieve and adapt to evolving strategies. Stewart, Cooper & Coon offers recommended pathways toward strategic ways of elevating an organization’s performance with services in talent and people management.

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