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Motivation & Satisfaction

The Motivation & Satisfaction module of Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s consultative resources is most effective when used in conjunction with these modules:

SC&C organizational motivation and satisfaction
Today, money as a motivator isn’t enough! Motivators and satisfiers have less and less to do with compensation or pay alone, and more and more to do with recognition, growth potential, the organization’s commitment at the individual level, and increased responsibility.

Do you know what it takes to enthuse your people and make your effective contributors increase organizational performance and productivity? After all, if your plans include treating people right, your organization’s leadership and management need to know what motivates them and what determines how well they can perform.

Recent research demonstrates that up to 80% of employees choose to leave of their own accord and do so as the result of organizational culture mismatch and/ or a lack of recognition and reward for their contributions and performance.

Motivating Keys

Can you, or your organization, identify the things that, when present, may OR may not have a significant motivating effect on your employees? Similarly, can you or your organization identify the things that, when lacking, may OR may not have a significant motivating effect?

Stewart, Cooper & Coon will focus on and address 3 key areas:

1) the links between 4 related concepts—your leadership, employee motivation, employee satisfaction, and overall performance;

2) review and provide recommendations from major theories and research; and

3) specifically recommend what you can do to enhance your greatest asset — your people, real time and on time.

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