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Goals & Objectives

This Goals & Objectives module of Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s consultative resources is most effective when considered with these other available modules:

SC&C organization goals and objectives

3 Success Factors

Today, there is no substitute for the leader’s or manager’s ability to articulate and manage organizational and individual performance against specific overarching goals and contributing objectives. To accomplish this most successfully, three critical success factors must be in place:

  1. Foundation: your organization’s strategy must provide the foundation for development of the right performance metrics.
  2. Process: there must exist a well-designed, actionable and understandable formal performance management system/process.
  3. Execution: leaders/managers must be appraised, trained and rewarded based on their ability to execute performance management activities within the context of 1 and 2 above.

Stewart, Cooper & Coon OD programs involve a proprietary performance management approach to satisfying all three areas and can provide S.M.A.R.T. support in developing the right organizational metrics, a clear system/process structure, and on-the-ground training.

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