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Team Coaching

Are you having difficulty getting your team(s) to be High Performance?

Are you integrating two leadership teams due to merger or acquisition?

Is interpersonal conflict or cultural differences inhibiting team productivity?

SC&C Organization Development Group works with Executives and their teams to achieve mutual understanding, improve interpersonal understanding and skills, and stimulate better team dynamics.

What is Team Coaching?

  • A strategic Approach that elevates teams to the High Performance mode.  It uses individual assessments and current team dynamics assessments to gain awareness of current status and to determine the correct path to High Performing.  Then assists in the implementation and measures results.

Who works with a Team Coach?

  • Leaders who are struggling with less than optimal team output.
  • Leaders who desire to increase influence, visibility and effectiveness.
  • Leaders leading Transformational Change
  • Leaders integrating 2 leadership teams during merger or acquisition.

Why does Team Coaching work?

  • It provides a clear, unbiased view of the leadership/management and personal style of each of the team members.
  • It provides a clear, unbiased view of the current team dynamics.
  • It gives you a roadmap to maximizing the strengths and augmenting the weaknesses of your team.
  • It develops true empathy amongst team members and promotes cooperation.
  • It leads to High Performance Teams.

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