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Pre-Boarding and On-Boarding

  • Top talent is one of the most powerful sources of competitive advantage!
  • Did you know that 40% of externally hired executives fail within the first 18 months?
  • Are you concerned about being one of those 40%ers?  Have you recently hired an executive and want to ensure that they succeed?
  • The total cost of a failed recruitment is estimated at a staggering 17 to 28 times the base salary of the executive!
  • Stewart Cooper & Coon can help you reduce that failure rate to 10% or less!
SCC Pre-boarding / On-boarding

SCC Pre-boarding / On-boarding

Acquire Top Talent that Stays

Stewart, Cooper & Coon will show your organization how to combine the right pre-boarding and on-boarding processes that will lead to that critical performance edge.

We offer a blueprint that succinctly maps out the best approaches to identifying and acquiring the top talent available and then show you how to assimilate them into your organization.

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