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Transformation & Change

Stewart, Cooper & Coon rigorously instills organizational transformation and change capabilities to ensure that the full benefits of any change program are realized through six key actions:

  • creating the change agenda
  • mobilizing the organization
  • hardwiring the organization for change
  • managing for results
  • communicating strategically and consistently
  • sustaining and reinventing change as necessary

Organizational transformation and change involve a systematic approach. This enables people in an organization to transition from the current state to a desired future state. Without adequate change management, there is a high risk of failure. Whether it is the implementation of a new business strategy or operating model, or a program to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies, using the right change management is critical.

Change Management Support

When delivering change management support to our clients, Stewart, Cooper & Coon balances formal and informal interventions to ensure that leaders and managers drive and exemplify the change. This allows employees and management to adopt new ways of working throughout the organization, and the business benefits of the change are then sustainable.

Change management tools and techniques have become far more prevalent and sophisticated, and the cadre of seasoned professionals skilled in wielding them within Stewart, Cooper & Coon, has also grown over the years. A number of attributes differentiate our approach to establishing a successful organizational transformation and change management program, here are a few of the most important:

  • People-focused:  Organizations cannot achieve business change objectives without altering the way people think, work and behave.
  • Systematic: Each business is a system; organizations must understand the enablers and barriers of that unique system to effect transformation and change.
  • Formal and informal levers:  Opportunities for people to shape the change through informal and peer-to-peer networks add significant value to a balanced and integrated change effort. At the same time, it is necessary to drive change through formal organizational enablers like recruitment, reward, and performance management processes.

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SC&C organization transformation and change strategies


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