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Leadership vs. Management

Companies commonly use the terms “Leadership” and “Management” to define their organizational culture. However, what does each term mean and how are they implemented within your own organization?
SC&C organization leadership and manangementWhat leadership/management style defines your organization? What is your organizational culture? What do your associates say defines your culture? Look at the relationship between leadership and management. To many, management suggests words like “efficiency,” “planning paperwork,” “procedures,” “regulations,” “control,” and “consistency.” Leadership is often more associated with words like “risk-taking,” “dynamic,” “creativity,” “change” and “vision.”

Do you and your organization aspire to a new level of performance? Do you consider what’s possible, over what’s present? Do you seek to move from a management culture to a leadership culture?

Leading for Success

Your organization’s success from middle-to-senior teams of your decision-makers must involve leading. How to integrate the two processes of management and leadership has emerged as a complex and important question for emerging and evolving organizations.

The answer will not come from debates about process definitions and distinctions, but from assessing and then building the foundation for a balanced approach to both.

Let Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s expertise guide you and your organizational culture to breakthrough performance and productivity.


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