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Balanced Scorecard

SC&C balanced scorecard, SC&C strategic planning and management system

Our balanced organization scorecard is a strategic planning and management system used extensively to align business activities to the strategy, vision and values of an organization. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in today’s top organizations is typically viewed from four perspectives:

  • learning and growth
  • business processes
  • customers/clients
  • financials

The BSC improves communications and helps to clarify a company’s strategic goals and objectives. The scorecard was developed to give leadership a more balanced view of organizational performance. It transforms an organization’s strategic plan into the daily marching orders for the organization.

How and What to Measure

The balanced scorecard (BSC) unlocks and releases many of the solutions for achieving strategic goals and objectives. It gives a framework that not only provides how performance should be measured but helps planners also identify what should be measured. It enables executives to truly execute and communicate throughout the entire organization in a very precise and specific metric format, allowing all associates to easily identify with the strategy, vision and values of the organization.

Just like any other tool, the BSC requires particular skills and knowledge that senior leadership and top managers frequently lack, and yet must acquire. Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s expertise and delivery of BSC principles is your best option for the reliable and solid education of your people. We coach management on how best to design and implement the BSC within their own organizational structure. We have helped many other management teams make the BSC the effective tool it can be. As with many things related to management, training and personalization are very important. Stewart, Cooper & Coon will work closely with your management team to ensure that the BSC is used in conjunction with additional materials to maximize your bottom line.

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