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Organizational Effectiveness

1031044321If you’re like most executives, you spend much of your time trying to anticipate market forces, so you can guide your organization to be in the right place at the right time to achieve your goals. A logical strategy…for the 20th century.

In the hyper-connected, global economy of the 21st century, the changes come so fast, from places you never heard of, that you simply can’t count on being able to anticipate, plan, and prepare accordingly. You can’t afford to take months to implement change, to wait a year to give appraisals, and to allow poor performers to linger about. These practices will sink you.

You need to be able to nimbly respond with a moment’s notice.

We’ll show you how to build a more agile approach to managing the environment, change, and a transforming workforce so your organization will prosper for years to come.

How we get results…Our organizational effectiveness solutions are specifically designed help you and your organization build a more flexible and forward-thinking culture.

Change management
We can help you build a comprehensive plan to proactively manage change and communication
Assessments & 360° feedback
Assessments produce important data that can be used to make employment or organizational decisions.
Organization design
Based on your business needs and the VUCA world we live in, we can help you design the optimal organization to deliver results.

Performance management
Yearly appraisals just aren’t effective. We can design and implement a more effective approach to managing performance.
Competencies & behavioral anchors
We can help you identify the competencies required for any given role and build a scale of what it looks like to perform effectively in each task.
Culture alignment in mergers & acquisitions
Many times mergers or acquisitions fail due to a lack of cultural alignment. We can help you determine fit prior to a merger, or, help you with honoring previous cultures post-merger to build a stronger blended culture

Nobody has a crystal ball. But you can build an agile organization that doesn’t need one.


Help me create a nimble culture!

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