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Leadership Development

leadership“Employees don’t leave companies, they leave leaders.”

This maxim emerged from numerous Gallup surveys, in which participants said the number one reason they sought another job was their leader. In Gallup’s State of the American Manager Report, 50 percent of Americans said they left a job to “get away from their manager” at some point in their career.

Are your leaders creating flight risks?

If you’re not sure, or you know your leaders could be better, we can help.

How we get results…We offer several solutions to develop leaders in their current roles, and prepare leaders for the future. In each case, we start with an assessment to identify priorities so the solution is focued on what will drive your success.

We also deliver our solutions in any format that serves you best — in person, phone, video, or a combination.

Programs for emerging, front-line, mid-level, and senior leaders
Facilitated programs that provide learning, practice, and tools to take your leaders to the next level.

Integrated leadership development programs
Research has shown that integrating coaching with facilitated leadership development programs is highly effective, with one study reporting over 300% ROI.

Custom programs

If you havea unique leadership challenge that doesn’t fit one of our other leadership development programs, we can design and deliver a custom program that is targeted to your situation.


Employees leave bad leaders, but they also stay for good leaders. You get to choose the kind of leadership you’ll reward.


 We want good leaders!

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