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Leader/Leadership Coaching

Are you performing at your optimum level? Are you prepared to go to the next level in your career? Are you new to your job and want to really make a significant impact.

Would you like to be?

Executive Coaching Program

SC&C’s Organization Development Group’s Executive Coaching program can be tailored to you and your situation to maximize your performance.

We will assess your Skills Inventory as well as your Personal and Professional Leadership styles.  We will help you further develop authentic leadership and relationship building skills in preparation for great job performance and great responsibilities.

“Step back and truly assess your new reality despite pressures to act quickly” Eric Hanson

What is Coaching?

  • A strategic approach that links the behaviors of the executive to accomplishing their corporate objective.  We use assessment tools to gain self-awareness of how your leadership behaviors impact your personal success and how they drive organizational results.

Who works with a Coach?

  • Newly hired executives wishing to make a significant impact on their new company.
  • Leaders preparing for promotion.
  • Leaders who desire to increase their influence, visibility and effectiveness.
  • Leaders leading or wishing to affect Transformational Change.
  • Leaders integrating 2 leadership teams during merger or acquisition.

Why does coaching work?

  • It provides a clear, unbiased view of your leadership and management style.
  • It gives you a roadmap to maximizing your strengths and augmenting your weaknesses.
  • It gives you a greater confidence in decision-making.
  • It develops authentic leadership and relationship building skills.
  • It builds influence and visibility skills to attain desired levels of responsibility.
  • It improves ability to navigate the political environment.

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