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Yelp Reviews

Deb H.
Date: 7/20/2020

I had a very positive experience with SCC and I was able to successfully land my next opportunity with their help. You do have to put in the work to make it a success but they give you all of the tools that you need and they make you look very good. My campaign manager, Jo Ann was a great partner and sincerely helped me through the process and served as a perfect support network. I would use this firm again.


Thomas M.
Date: 1/15/2020

I have been very impressed with the service and professionalism of the whole team and have been pleased with the whole overall experience.

I was able to find a job before the completion of their process, and was able to do so without any of their resources, but I felt that the trajectory we were heading was beneficial and would have ultimately lead to successful placement.


Rick K.
Date: 12/17/2019

I found myself unexpectedly out of a job for the second time in 3 years. I had a very accomplished career in banking, and the first time it was easy to land somewhere. However, being unemployed again in my late 50’s scared me. I was angry, and felt if I made a mistake like the last company I worked for, I’m done. So, partly out of fear, but also recognizing that I might need a “re-branding” and a coach, I hired SCC. It turned out to be much more than I had expected. The whole team really listened, communicated, and articulated my situation, and was able to turn my messaging into something much more effective through interview coaching and my share-stories. Bill was incredible in terms of his understanding, and being able to look at the big picture, and bring out the most positive results. In the end, I realized that what I really wanted in my employment, was not what I’d been doing for most of my career, and accepted a position that allows me flexibility, entrepreneurial self-motivation and more upside potential. Do yourself a favor and invest in your career – because no one else will!


Kim P.
Date: 12/3/2019

I am a very satisfied client of Stewart, Cooper, and Coon. My Coach, Barbara, is exceptional. Her efforts to understand me and what I wanted to accomplish enabled her to share honest and extremely valuable insights and guidance. Barbara did not sugar-coat and I was better prepared for it. The resume and personal branding, including my personal Webfolio, help has been invaluable – all of it highlighting my key competencies, strengths, and accomplishments. The process has been quite rigorous, yet well worth the work. I highly recommend the Phoenix Experience – it has forever changed the way I interview and tell my stories of success. After several months of going it alone, within 6 months with SCC I have landed a senior level position ideal for me.
Thank you Barbara and SCC!


Sandra M.
Date: 10/15/2019

I can’t say enough about Stewart, Cooper and Coon (SCC). From the first engagement with Oliver Cornell, Managing Director, Career Consulting to the welcome letter by Michelle Settle, Senior Vice President, Operations and to my engagement with my amazing Campaign Director (coach, coordinator and mentor) Barbara Limmer, Consulting Campaign Director, I have been treated to an incredible experience. I retained SCC after six months of job search frustration and a feeling that I was beating my head against the wall. I knew my resume, LinkedIn presence and interview skills all needed a bit of tweaking, but since beginning working with SCC, I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible about the realities of today’s job market and what it takes to be truly competitive. Every aspect of my “search” has improved 10-fold (a conservative estimate) in 1 1/2 short months to include a beautifully written resume, enhanced LinkedIn profile (thank you Kelly Stewart) and vastly improved interview skills (thank you Barbara Limmer and Carol D’souza, Consulting Campaign Director/Executive Coach). Additionally, I now have an online career webfolio/branding package that was conceived and produced by an expert team headed by Michael Weishaar, Managing Director, Operations and Support. In terms of the actual job search, Barbara has made sure that I’m conducting a much more efficient and thorough target company search, and in the background, the marvelous Shanti Brown, Candidate Marketing Specialist is in the process of completing a marketing campaign on my behalf. Along with these professional services, I must also mention the plethora of resources, much of which is available online by anyone who goes to stewartcoopercoon.com. Navigating through these resources (with Barbara’s guidance) and the book by Mr. Coon, “Ready, Aim, Hired”, have made my job search experience an invaluable learning and job search journey. The staff and Mr. Coon’s personal touch (Mr. Coon reached out to me personally to see how my campaign was going) are the icing on the cake. If you have any hesitancy at all, let your concerns be calmed. You can’t miss with this team and I’m certain you’ll find a path toward your dream job with Stewart, Cooper and Coon. Sandy Margetis, BSN, MBA, USAF Lt. Col. (Ret)


Harry L.
Date: 10/15/2019

I was very pleased with the one to one attention I got from my coach. She took the time to learn my background and my own personal preferences as well as my personality. I hired SCC because I thought they would provide needed structure to my search. Their process met and exceeded all my expectations. They helped me to organize and prepare my own materials. In addition, they actively participated in the search helping me with on-line profiles and finding search prospects.


Mike B.
Date: 10/11/2019

When you are looking to get the best out of yourself and demonstrate your advanced capabilities to potential employers, there is no one better than SC&C. This company is not for one who is not willing to put forth some serious effort, but the results are worth it and are not only applicable to the executive job search but your in job experience.

Frankly it was similar to going back for a advanced degree. I worked with Bill Temple, one of the finest people I have come to know in my life, Through some tough love, talented coaching and guided direction he and the staff at SC&C prepared me for the competitive executive job search.

SC&C gives you the tools, strategy and guidance in your job search. They are there to provide consult in the interviewing and negotiating process. They do not find you the job, they assist you in building a personalized strategy in how to find the right job and then help to prepare you for each step along the process.

It was not easy, but well worth the efforts and time as I was prepared for success. I would highly recommend that candidates with SC&C take advantage of the face to face experience in Scottsdale. It was an experience that prepared me for the interviewing process and tuned in my skill sets for success,

I highly recommend SC&C and “The Professor” William Temple for anyone working to get the best out of themselves.


Tony H.
Date: 10/2/2019

I am a former client of SCC and had a great experience working with their team. I have recommended SCC to several former colleagues after successfully landing an Executive position with one of the largest tech companies in the world!

The program is well organized and lowed me to truly define my goals and target companies. The three largest benefits I experienced were:
– The work we completed focusing on salary negotiations helped me land my perfect position with an increased compensation of $30K
– The methodology used to research viable companies is thorough and repeatable
– My coach Barbara Limar is absolutely fantastic! Her guidance helped to build the confidence in my skill set and thinking about other potential opportunities and companies


John D.
Date: 9/14/2019

In today’s business environment, if you’re going to change industries or positions, you need a very defined employment strategy. I came to realize this very early on in my job search. Initially, I spent money with a resume writer, and that’s what I got. With the few responses it generated, I realized I was ill prepared to leverage my knowledge and experience, skillfully articulate how I could “make a difference”, and effectively negotiate a compensation package to maximize my value with perspective employers. SC & C provided me an entire turnkey program, helped define my strategy, crafted my materials, organized an action plan to accentuate my attributes, positioned me in front of targeted companies, and guided me through the entire interview process. Although my campaign director Barbara gets most of the credit, she had an entire team that organized these assets and provided the coaching and guidance that differentiated me from the competition. I credit this group at SC & C as being my personal trainers, with organizing and supporting my career search “workout schedule” (and yes, you do need to put sweat equity into it), while I was still employed. I am excited to state that within six months after the completion of my materials, I accepted a position of COO with a 20% salary increase over my previous employment. For me, in the short time that it took to secure this position, my monthly compensation far outweighed the cost of the service, making SC & C a great investment.


Andrew S.
Date: 9/14/2019

I could not be more satisfied with Stewart, Cooper and Coon. Class organization that is very professional, courteous, and helpful. Fred Coon reached out directly to me and was most informative and helpful. He also listened to me and what I was looking for and what my concerns were. Michelle was also highly responsive, courteous, and went out of her way to help meet some of the timelines for a specific resume/interview. I was never pressed to buy into any pay services and only have a very positive impression of SCC. I hope to work with them again in the future!


Gary J.
Date: 9/5/2019

As I was dreading the prospect of seeking new employment, Dan, from Stewart, Cooper and Coon contacted me and offered the services and support of SCC.
Fortunately for me, over my 30+ years of employment, I never had to look for a job – ever! Opportunities always came to me; and like many current job seekers, I was comfortable in my abilities, but lacking the knowledge of how to “sell” myself to recruiters and hiring managers. In today’s competitive job market, I didn’t realize the importance of developing a strategy to market oneself.

It was quickly evident from my welcoming email from Michelle at SCC that I was going to receive the help from a significantly sized and greatly skilled team. Barbara, my Campaign Director, stepped me through the entire process of how to fully utilize all what SCC had to offer – and there is a lot they offer! Barbara was my coach, advising me how to navigate not only the SCC website but also the job hiring process. She got it right! Everything she said would happen in my interviews, did happen, and I was truly prepared and confident in my delivery and execution.

I cannot say enough great things about my experience working with Stewart, Cooper, and Coon. Many thanks to Barbara (Campaign Director), Cortney who helped with my branding, Kelly and her team who ‘fixed’ my LinkedIn, Michael for his work on company research and Kim for calling companies on my behalf. Job hunting can either be a terrible experience or, as in my case, it can be an exciting, rewarding experience in self-awareness.


Doug H.
Date: 8/21/2019

Five Star Yelp rating for Rodney Lamb and the team at Stewart, Cooper & Coon. I recently talked with Rodney about SCC’s Individual Executive Placement program. The proposals provided by SCC/ Rodney were right on target — in terms of fit with my current search / campaign — and it’s clear that Rodney LISTENED to me in our telephone conversations regarding my current professional situation, background, skills, capabilities and career objectives.

After initiating my job search / campaign, I spoke with four executive career coaching organizations that offer services paid by the candidate (i.e., me in this case) and Rodney /SCC was the ONLY one that truly listened to me, showed genuine interest and concern, and offered guidance that’s a fit with my career / professional coaching needs.

Please know that I’m a fan of Rodney Lamb and Stewart, Cooper & Coon, and I offer my strongest endorsement and recommendation of your services and counsel to professionals in, or near, a career change.


Doug Harper


Paul L.
Date: 7/30/2019

To people like MK., the product and outcomes are as good as the effort you put into it. SCC gives you the tools to get your best job. You have to realize your own potential, what you want and sell yourself to your next employer, they can’t do that for you. They take your story and experiences and help you craft the message for companies and recruiters to find.
They helped me, and I would recommend them


Matt T.
Date: 7/9/2019

What an amazing experience I had as a client of Stewart, Cooper, Coon! Initially I was contacted by SCC via LinkedIn and the timing was perfect as I’d been job searching for a couple of months, had a couple of interviews, but wasn’t finding the perfect fit for my goals and ambitions. I had an introductory conversation with Josh Randall who did an excellent job explaining the SCC process from start to finish, and who accurately painted a picture of how much effort would be required by all involved parties. Being realistic, you can’t expect someone else to magically find a job for you so you do have to invest some time in yourself and collaborate with SCC to prepare your campaign materials (e.g. nobody except you knows your strengths and accomplishments and so you need to think about it and offer examples… but then the wizards at SCC phrase your success in remarkably compelling ways). After signing on with SCC I was paired with William “Bill” Temple as my campaign manager. Bill was AMAZING! He was able to word things in ways I never would have imagined, turn challenges into opportunities, and provide examples of how to answer tough interview questions using my specific skills and background. His advice was succinct, spot on, and useful in every situation. He alleviated any interview jitters and helped me hone in on the best way to present myself. Consequently, I was able to land my dream job within 6 weeks of working with Bill and I couldn’t be happier with my experience with him. The same can be said of my entire experience with SCC… amazing people who are masters of their craft and who sincerely care about their clients. I recommend them wholeheartedly!


Leonard N.
Date: 6/16/2019

Having searched diligently for over 4 months in order to find an executive recruitment service that would fit my needs, I can’t begin to explain the frustration I experienced in finding the right “fit” as my time, resources, and commitment were almost entirely consumed by my professional responsibilities at that time which previously included roles as Director of Quality Assurance and Engineering.

As a result of a termination, I found myself in the unenviable position of carrying two mortgages, no present source of income, a crumbling marriage, and a dog that wouldn’t even look at me just to add to the excitement.

Cookie cutter placement, and retained search firms abounded from coast to coast. All of these entities shared the same common denominator. What could you do for them so they could earn that fat commission and a possible bonus. I was lost in a job market among a myriad of like positioned professionals.

I read the books, searched the ads, and hustled like crazy, willing just to get a job at a cut in pay survive.

Unlike so many others in the job market, I knew that I wanted something else; more expansive, more challenging, and ,much more lucrative. The chase to the “corner office” had become pure drudgery and from an insider’s view when the president was away on travel, I discovered that the last 25+ years of making the right moves, being ever-present, and accruing the right credentials was not going to get me anywhere I really wanted to be.

Then I talked with Barbara Limmer at Stewart, Cooper & Coon. Instead of the wrote “send us your resume and we’ll see what we can do,” Barbara asked, “What would you like to do?” Frankly, besides being a little dumbfounded, I was more than perturbed.

“I’d like to find a job!” I replied, perhaps in a tone that was not entirely appropriate. Without skipping a beat, Barbara responded with, “We see this a lot. People working to live as opposed to people living their dream while working their passion.” Finally, a firm for professionals that really cares and listens.

This conversation started an alliance and journey of DIRECTED self-discovery in the SC&C program that was intense, disciplined, time constrained, structured, and marketed in a manner that to this day, I continue to practice.

Today, I own 4 great companies with wonderful management teams and employees, have 2 start-ups that are cash-flow positive and are profitable, and am involved in 3 other high-growth companies in which my equity position guarantees streams of income that I could not have possibly imagined. I’m also an equity partner in B2BCFO allowing me to work with those people I get to choose to work with.

Along the way, I have saved jobs and companies from Bankruptcy, turned family owned operations into industry leaders, and have acquired the skill-sets that have been recognized by many.

My life is completely blessed.

Thank you Stewart, Cooper & Coon!


Mario L.
Date: 6/8/2019

I am extremely satisfied with the service SCC rendered to me. Four things regarding my experience with Bill (the Professor) were priceless to help me to not only get my present job, but to thrive in it.

The first one was the methodical review of my competences, achievements, and preferences. It allowed me to introspectively and retrospectively get a better idea of my potential and purpose.

The second one was the career folio, which I have used several times, including to highlight to my boss what I have done in the past and what I can do going forward. I have received outstanding feedback on it from recruiters and prospective employers.

The third, and perhaps most important, was the habit of taking a notepad to all meetings and taking notes. This has allowed me to analyze, reflect, ask great questions, and propose effective and efficient solutions.

Finally, I have practiced the techniques on how to get someone to say yes with the triangle techniques I learned. It has been very handy.

There was A TON of work involved in my experience with SCC. It took several weeks to go through the process, culminating with my Phoenix visit. However, it was worth every penny. This was an investment for the rest of my career.


Bill V.
Date: 6/7/2019

SCC was the first outplacement firm I have worked with in my career.  What I found helpful was going through the exercises to help me to properly target my next opportunities and focus my experience towards my next career steps.  The assistance with Resume, Linked In, and targeting head hunters was fantastic.  What was also helpful was the support in researching targeted companies.  I ended up linking up with a company through my personal network, however the prep work helped me better present myself and improved my ability to position myself for the opportunity.  It was a nice touch having a campaign director, Jo Ann, to help me keep things moving quickly.


Ron K.
Date: 5/22/2019

I am a recent client of Stewart Cooper & Coon, Inc. (SCC).  I have used other executive placement companies in the past.  I’d categorize those I’ve used previously as glorified resume writers with links or blogs on “how to find your next job” level of support.  I was overwhelmingly surprised at the personal touch of each and every level of the SCC organization I worked with.  From the sales introduction, personal marketing coach, resume/webfolio creators, LinkedIn support, administration, targeted company 3rd party calling, interview practice and finally to employee agreement negotiations, I was consistently impressed on the smooth hand off from one department to the next.  Everything was fully documented and online for not only me the client but the whole SCC team to access when working with me.  I’m used to working within classic corporate organizations where silos impede prompt and consistent progress requiring me to push things from one silo to the next.  SCC is a virtual team of experts that smoothly hands off the baton from one person to the next and keeps you informed along the way.  I’m intentionally not mentioning names as I’m not sure it’s appropriate in this age of crazy hyper-linked social media.  But I have let the SCC team know how impressed I was by their service and personal touch.  I never felt I was just another client to be pushed through the process.  My marketing coach took a personal interest in me, my goals, my job search and was instrumental in pulling “who I am” out of me regarding things I hadn’t really given much thought about other than just doing them in my everyday work.  I consider my marketing coach to be a friend and someday I hope to be able to personally meet him and take him out to a well-deserved dinner to celebrate my new employment.  I consider myself a SCC alumnus and I won’t hesitate to use their other services as needs arise.


Frederick D.
Date: 5/17/2019

This is the first time in my life that I’ve had to “search” for employment.  After several months of using Indeed, The Ladders, and LinkedIn I suspected that I was doing something wrong; I have years of expertise in IT operations, security, intelligence, and analysis as well as comprehensive business acumen, but none of the companies to which I applied could even deign to dignify me with a response.

I ran across this company and decided that I would pay for their help, which, I have to be honest, was a difficult financial decision to make.  But once I bit the bullet and paid them their fee, I started working with their staff and began to realize how little I could articulate about my skills and experience.  Their process, while a lot of work, provided not only better material for my searches but a more realistic knowledge of myself (according to one coach, I tended to be “overly-modest” and my skills and achievements were not being accurately presented in my previous résumé and profiles).

If you ABSOLUTELY KNOW what you’re doing, you do not need SCC.  But from my past experience HIRING people and my recent experience LOOKING FOR EMPLOYMENT, I suspect that most people are in the same boat that I was in.  Distilling personality, skills, expertise, and achievements into a succinct presentation is a difficult task, and I got my money’s worth well before I got a job.  There’s an old saw: “He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool – shun him. He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a student – teach him. He who knows and knows not that he knows is asleep – wake him. He who knows and knows that he knows is a wise man – follow him.”

I became a student, and I learned.

p.s. – Yeah, I got a job as a direct result of my modified LinkedIn Profile.


Gregory R.
Date: 5/16/2019

I have worked with Stewart, Cooper, and Coon for my branding and as an executive job search company.  Everyone with whom I worked was highly knowledgeable, extremely professional, and truly concerned about my job search.

From the day that I started until I finished, I did not feel like I was just any client: they made me feel like I was their only client.  I never felt rushed, everyone took time to answer my question –of which there were many.

Quality is what you pay for and quality is what you get.  Remember, they can’t be with you on each interview, and you are at the whims of the market when applying.  However, if you follow their advice and mentoring, you will do well.


Rod A.
Date: 5/9/2019

Stewart, Cooper & Coon provided outstanding support during my career search.  What separates Stewart, Cooper and Coon is their extremely challenging and comprehensive approach.   The market research, marketing process and brand building is unmatched.  However, the personnel coaching you receive on a weekly basis and the interview training is phenomenal.  The coach teaches you how to approach each company, build confidence as well as walks you through your strategy each time.  William Temple, who was my coach rebuilt my confidence, elevated my strategy and made me a better candidate for each position.


Bobbye B.
Date: 5/8/2019

Wow…as I read these reviews about this company Stewart, Cooper & Coon, I feel compelled to share my experience with them, their services, the people, and the process of what an “executive job search” actually involves. I have personally met with the Founders, who are sincere, kind, ethical, and consistently strategizing on how to improve their RESULTS, for their clients. As a 20+ year business owner, I have met and/or worked with numerous “recruiters” or so-called “search firms.” The industry has become saturated and contaminated with nothing short of scam-artists, fakers who prey on the vulnerable, gullible, ill-prepared job seeker. Within the last year, I have conducted my own research on many of these search firms, and I chose SC&C, after digging much deeper than “Yelp” reviews. Expectations…how does one manage our expectations?

Finding a “job” is now a booming industry, especially with unregulated, online junk websites that are nothing more than “posers.” A solid, credible Search Firm is not necessarily going to look perfect and glossy. The fake ones can look really slick and professional on the outside, posting their global connections, and a pack of lies. But, looks can be deceiving. The cover is only the outside, but what’s inside is what matters.

I am writing this review for SC&C because I am a real client with a professional background and executive experience. I have paid and signed up with dozens of “recruiters” over the past year. What a waste of time and money! I knew that the perfect job was not going to magically appear in my email or voicemail. I knew my resume could be written 100 different ways. I knew quite a lot about this crazy industry and I felt like no one really cared. I was willing to learn whatever I could to help myself. I wanted to know HOW to “tell my story” effectively. I knew I needed help but honestly, I couldn’t find a company that knew much more than I had already found on the Internet. And, yes, LinkedIn is great, but with over 3000 Connections, I still needed to learn HOW to use its numerous amenities. After months of searching, I finally found a company who truly wanted to help me learn the HOW; how to position myself in this highly competitive marketplace.

I cannot say enough positive attributes about SC&C. I am so very grateful for everything they have helped me learn and have held me accountable to complete. SC&C has educated me and prepared me for the steps that are necessary in today’s job market, providing me with a plethora of resources that I would never had access to without their amazing library of resources. They have a solid, challenging, realistic approach to the tough work involved with a successful job search. SC&C uses a clearly defined process that begins immediately, strategically positioning their client to prepare for the journey ahead. I have never been given misleading promises, or even proposed expectations of anything except the truth of keeping my focus on the goal, which is going to take some time to reach. But, within a very short time, I have learned more than I could write in this review. I have made amazing connections and new networks. My life is being changed because of the relationship I have with these incredible people at SC&C.

I will close by asking those of you who have had negative experiences to check out their new website, look up their team and the people who are committed to helping people like us (job seekers/transitions), and if I can help with any questions, please reach out. I am not paid for my review, nor benefit in any form. I just need to stand up for these incredible people who are impacting my life, professionally and personally. Thank you, Mr. Fred Coon, (and Alcyone), Jo Ann Moser, Kelly Stewart, Carol D’souza, Josh, Pam….and all of the amazing team who are with me on this journey. Thank you for showing your sincerity, your integrity, and your genuine care for me. I call you my friends, long after the job search is over. To all who read this review, please remember to be realistic in your job search. Be prepared to work hard and take responsibility for the steps that must be taken, because SC&C will lead you and guide you, if you are willing to follow.


David P.
Date: 4/29/2019

Stewart, Cooper, and Coon is a professional grade executive coaching and recruiting firm that delivers exceptional value. Bill Temple has earned my respect and admiration as a consummate professional and one who is more than a subject matter expert as his authorship would attest, but one who is a talented coach by nature and calling. My experience with everyone in the organization has been one of first meeting and then exceeding my expectations, and it goes well beyond professional resumés and candidate presentation materials. The service this company provides is expertly designed for those who are seeking professional coaching and support to enable themselves to become clearly differentiated in the hyper-competitive marketplace for executive talent.   I hold this organization in the highest esteem and recommend them to all who value a professional level of coaching and support to gain a competitive advantage.


Naresh R.
Date: 4/25/2019

I am a client of Steward, Cooper & Coon and I did my Phoenix Experience yesterday. I will summarize the day as” truly remarkable”. First and foremost a well planned agenda with great coaching and a good learning experience. A right blend of professional atmosphere.

Jo Ann who is my campaign director was truly awesome and Carol who coached me on behavioural interview guided me very well. Overall I felt very happy about the decision to sign up with SC&C.


Ron D.
Date: 4/23/2019

Due to the negative reviews, felt I had to say something as a customer even though I have not completed the process yet. People here are extremely nice and very responsive. I’ve been working with Barbara for almost three weeks and she’s very professional and helpful. They have several plans you can choose from so it’s not a “take it or leave it” company. Easy 5 stars so far. Will post updates as I make progress.


John C.
Date: 4/12/2019

Stewart, Cooper & Coon (SCC) provided a wonderful and helpful resource during my job search. Valerie was instrumental in helping me through the many stages of their proven process. I’m an actual client, and I would highly recommend their services to those with experience that are trying to navigate the challenging, changing job market.


Sandy S.
Date: 4/11/2019

Stewart, Cooper & Coon provided services to me years ago that were incredibly useful and proved to be affective in my career path.  I had interviewed dozens and dozens of potential employees in my career, and thought I had a good handle on the interview process.  After meeting with Stewart, Cooper and Coon and going through some video taped sessions on behavioral interviewing I came to the realization I was pretty far off track. Their coaching and methodology was fantastic.  I have renewed my folio with them annually and love their services. Great people and super helpful!!


Jason W.
Date: 4/8/2019

I am an actual paying client, and I am currently 30 days into the PROCESS, which is my key word for how they are bringing me value on a daily basis.  This team of talented folks are genuine subject matter experts on the PROCESS of career maximization from concept-to-contract. My experience thus far with their executive placement program has been 5-star.  I have been assigned a team of subject matter experts representing various components of the process, but my day-to-day quarterback coach is “Professor-Bill”.  Bill is an expert among experts in how to create a compelling brand that will maximize compensation as well as personal fulfillment.  Bill walks me through each phase of the process, pays attention to details, and never loses sight of MY big picture objective, which is to land a very unique senior-level position.  I have received tremendous value from every second of our interactions, and he has kept the game moving forward with his attention to next-actions. As for their business model and methodology, in my view, Stewart, Cooper & Coon have created a game-changing methodology that will eventually disrupt the way the placement industry works. My area of expertise is innovation and industry disruption, so I know that  a broken industry such as recruiting will never turn itself around until/unless a disruptive player decides to swim up stream and create new processes and systems that deliver measurable value to the client, while every other company in the space just continues to do the same old thing.  It can already see HOW they are creating value for me, but the measure of that value will come at the end, so I will update this post after I have a signed employment agreement.  In the meantime, I salute SCC’s bold vision and willingness to create value on a path that no one else was willing to tread.


Date: 2/14/2019

My experience working with Stewart, Cooper, and Coon could not have been more instrumental and valuable in my job search and my personal development. I spent over 24 years working for the government in one capacity or another and I wasn’t sure where I needed to begin a new direction for the next stage in my career. I discovered SC&C after an exhaustive search with several other executive placement agencies that promised little results and showed no evidence of success. I was partnered with a highly experienced and talented team dedicated to my success and transition. I worked alongside top resume writers, personal marketeers, and one of the most impressive campaign managers SC&C has to offer. Valerie is a no holds bar, direct, and focused campaign manager that spent countless hours fine tuning my career search into an exercise of process improvement, surgical precision, and a highly polished professional image that rebranded me and set me up for the dream job. She pushed me to my limits to spend quality time and efforts to find the right industry, position, and most importantly, the right cultural fit that will prove to be very long and enjoyable career. Words cannot express with enough emphasis how SC&C can be the game changer for any professional and their job search. If you want results, you want the dream job, and you want to learn how to get it, you need Stewart, Cooper, and Coon.


Greg M.
Date: 11/8/2018

I want to thank Stewart, Cooper & Coon for an outstanding experience. I was teamed up with Barbara Limmer who took a true personal interest in who I am and what I was looking to get out of the process. Yes, the process is very detailed and requires a time commitment that is necessary in my opinion to have a successful outcome. We all know what we have done in our past work experiences however, Barbara was instrumental in helping me understand even the smallest details of my past career achievements and to be able to state the accomplishments in a clear and concise message. Through this process I was able to land the executive level opportunity I was searching for. I interviewed multiply times at the highest levels of a global organization and I felt at ease and fully prepared every step of the way. Special thank you to Barbara, you where awesome, and the entire SCC team.


Tim H.
Date: 9/18/2018

Proficient job search program. Methodical and well-thought out approach to researching, uncovering, and approaching career opportunities.


Matt H.
Date: 9/15/2018

Stewart Cooper and Coon delivered exactly what they advertised.  If you are willing to put in the time and effort, they will provide you with expert guidance and the tools necessary to develop a marketing campaign that will deliver results.
Valerie, my campaign manager, was always accessible, very helpful and an excellent coach in preparation for the interviewing process.
The materials that were generated from my input, were professional and enhanced my ability to convey my skills and experience to my future employer, that eventually led to my new position.  I would recommend SCC to anyone looking to make a career change.


Matthew E.
Date: 5/30/2018

Partnering with SC&C was the best career decision I ever made.  The experience started with a consultant who outlined the program at great length and provided a clear understanding of SC&C role within the process but more importantly, my role within the process. The consultant was very honest on the amount of time I needed to commit and the amount of work I would be doing. I respected his honesty, and I was ready to get to work because I could see the benefit of working with SC&C.

Within days of becoming a client, I received a call from my campaign director.  The campaign director was awesome and I owe her everything. The coaching received thoroughly prepared me for the interview process, contract negotiation, networking, and articulating the value I offer any potential employer.  SC&C provided an abundance of resources ranging from introduction emails to recruiters to thank you for the interview follow-up.  A series of LinkedIn webinars offered suggestions and techniques to enhance my profile. The program consisted of a call campaign director responsible for connecting with target companies on my behalf.  The call campaign director was top notch and a huge asset.

As I come to the end of my program with SC&C because I have landed a position with a fantastic organization, every hour spent was well worth it and I would do it all over again. I highly recommend SC&C and I am so grateful for what they have done for my family and me!


Cesar P.
Date: 4/10/2018

Stewart Cooper & Coon’s process, training and support is worth every penny. I found the right executive level opportunity with the right employer on schedule, but perhaps most importantly I felt fully prepared – from the online resume to the great job interview coaching.  Thanks Jo Ann, Mr. Coons and the great SCC team!


Karen B.
Date: 3/9/2018

On 1/1/2015 I engaged Rodney Lamb with SC&C. Recognizing I truly needed the outstanding expert help of the team, I elected the FULL service package. By the second week of Feb 2015 I had already received monetary increases equal to 2x the fee I paid. Now, only 38 months later, I have literally received monetary benefits 20x the total fees I’ve paid this firm. Once you hire SC&C, they are in your court and will stop in their tracks and help you instantly upon hearing from you. I can’t endorse this firm enough. Truly outstanding experts in the field of career management.


David M.
Date: 8/7/2017

As I begin writing my review of SCC I can’t help but notice the number of poor reviews that have been generated. What I can tell you is that if you put forth the effort and hard work, be real in describing yourself and capabilities, the end result will be “the job you are targeting”.

Yes, there is a financial investment in yourself. My team was extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, accessible and very professional. The job market and search techniques, especially for high level executives has changed. Don’t think the old approaches and job boards get you results. Going it alone will not get you the position and compensation you are seeking.

My team successfully branded and marketed me. Once we got to the point of actually contacting targeted companies, I actually received a very good executive position with a very strong compensation package.

Thank you to my team at Stewart, Cooper & Coon.


James L.
Date: 8/5/2017

After searching for over 18 months, I have found employment in the chemical industry and wanted to express my gratitude to Stewart Cooper & Coon for helping me organize and manage my job search so effectively.

My search began when my previous employer restructured and my position as Vice President, Sales, was eliminated and I was back in the job market without a coherent plan of action. I found Stewart, Cooper & Coon six months into my job search, and, after speaking with their staff, I decided to utilize SC&C services.  It was the best decision of my career.

The processes of evaluation, SHARE story creation, my WebFolio, the great coaching, helping me to prepare for my interviews, and help and support during negotiation was invaluable.  I was then focused and fully prepared for my job search.

My Campaign Director was a constant source of inspiration, motivation, solid advice, and tremendous assistance during the entire search process and was truly dedicated to helping her clients in any way at any time; a true professional in every sense of the word.

I recommend Stewart, Cooper & Coon highly and I happily share my reference.


Jay M.
Date: 8/5/2017

After spending eight years as VP of IT at a prominent company, I knew I needed assistance in identifying my skills and strengths and learning how to market myself in the job market. Despite my own hard work and the dedication of the consulting staff at Stewart Cooper & Coon, I experienced some setbacks and delays due to treatment for a health issue, which was eventually and thankfully resolved. However, during this downtime, SC&C encouraged me to continue to network and maintain my professional connections; and I was quite pleased with how helpful people can be when you properly maintain these relationships. Through the help of SC&C, I began contracting for the company which recently hired me earlier this year, in addition to receiving three other job offers! I am incredibly happy with my new job, and will always be grateful to the team at Stewart Cooper & Coon for going above and beyond in their marketing, strategy, and support.


Date: 7/5/2017

I want to commend the SC&C team on their efforts to help me in my job search. Everyone who I interacted with at SC&C seemed to go above and beyond when it came to my needs.

I want to especially bring to light the efforts of my coach, who is a true asset to the team. Her professionalism, caring, and knowledge gave me the tools I needed to understand my worth to any company. As a small business owner, and now an employee, I have the confidence needed to grow in my professional career.


Date: 6/27/2017

It was a pleasant surprise to receive the initial call from Stewart Cooper and Coon, as well as a pleasure to speak with their helpful staff. I am excited to begin my new employment venture, as well as a new chapter in my corporate career. I thank all the executives of SC&C for all their assistance in developing a winning resume, creating an effective online presence, and acting as a career coach to prepare for these new career interactions.


Mike O.
Date: 6/27/2017

I am a senior business professional who lost a great job due to a corporate re-organization. I initially tried to go it alone and, using methods and processes that had worked for me in the past, spent about 6 months trying to find a new opportunity.

Given my age and compensation package I was hitting a brick wall…I generated a number of phone screens and face-to-face interviews but kept getting rejected because I was “over-qualified” (read as “too old”) and/or I was rejected because of my compensation history, even though I clearly communicated that I was willing to negotiate salary and had at least 10 years of service left before retirement.

I turned to Stewart, Cooper & Coon for the expertise and tools necessary to overcome these obstacles. Working with my assigned coach and other resources within SC&C was a very positive and supportive experience.

Among other benefits they:
a. Updated and improved my resume and cover letter.

b. Worked with me to document and quantify success stories from my past and posted these to an on-line WebFolio that could be accessed by potential employers.

c. Provided access to databases that I could use to generate lists of target companies and third-party executive recruiters that specialized in my field of business expertise.

d. Coached me on interviewing techniques and provided practice role-playing sessions which greatly enhanced my confidence and ability to highlight the value I could bring to a potential employer.

e. And many other value-added activities that are too numerous to list.

In short, working with SC&C is an investment in your future and I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about taking their career to the next level.


Date: 6/27/2017

After 20+ years working at executive level positions in Direct-to-Consumer businesses, my position was eliminated and I found myself looking for a job for the first time in 20+ years. I thought I could figure out how to do that by myself and was personally embarrassed to find myself in this position, so felt uncomfortable staying in touch with other peers still employed.

After more than 6 months of going it alone, I came across Stewart, Cooper & Coon after a direct reach out from one of their remarkable staff consultants, who was instrumental in gaining my trust in working with an organization such as Stewart, Cooper & Coon and provided some positive affirmation as to my ongoing value in the business marketplace.

I began a very well choreographed process of providing my experience and accomplishments in a manner that would allow them to be configured into an impressive marketing piece to make myself more competitive in the job market. The process in Stewart, Cooper & Coon included lengthy efforts with a very patient, experience sage adviser who helped me regain some of my lost self confidence while helping me to craft a “web folio” version of my skills, accomplishments and “stories” about accomplishments in a succinct format that would be easy to view in a graphical view or drill down option for more detailed view. That use of technology was a giant leap away from the “sending of resume” process that I had been trying to no avail.
In addition, SC&C took me through an extensive interviewing process with videotape and feedback to better prepare me to market myself in today’s environment. They also walked me through the analytics of how most people in my position actually end up finding their next position. After months of following their recommendations, learning to believe in myself more, and working with the tools they had put at my disposal, I found a new position that not only places me back at my previous executive, but ends up putting me into a business opportunity with equity that provides so much more reward than the “person behind the desk” positions that I had held previously.

I will be forever grateful and have long since let go of the “surprise” that I felt as I watched their recommendations and efforts craft a significantly “new and improved” version of myself, much more equipped to compete in today’s business environment. They have an effective, impressive and successful business operation that yielded excellent results in my case.


Date: 5/8/2017

I am truly impressed with the Stewart, Cooper, and Coon (SC&C) approach. I have a much better understanding of the hiring process and feel that the entire SC&C team is behind me.

My Campaign Director has been especially helpful with her coaching and patience in guiding me through the process. She is my primary point of contact but connects me with a much larger team to develop marketing materials, both my resume and the unique SC&C Custom WebFolio, and also provide me access to research through tools that would be cost prohibitive to subscribe to on my own.

The company’s interview training is well supported by experts in situational and behavioral interview techniques and the experiential training far exceeded my expectations. The company’s process is exceptionally well documented in numerous books and articles published by its owner and associates which provides a wealth of examples and material to draw upon for examples.

I think the quality of the position I landed reflects highly on the quality of your coaching. I truly felt well supported by all of Stewart, Cooper, and Coon. Please pass on my sincere thanks to the team.  Overall, SCC provides great value and I highly recommend it to others.


Jr. R
Date: 5/2/2017

I would like to offer some of my feedback on my experiences at Stewart Cooper & Coon.  After a great phone conversation with a potential employer, consisting of a positive exchange on organization culture, resume history, transferable skills, and business opportunities, I used the tools I learned at SC&C, including the S.H.A.R.E interview technique, among other effective skills, and I was happily surprised to see that my interviewer remembered my SC&C coach.  I supposed they receive a few advocacy calls, but Stewart Cooper & Coon’s were very effective.

My resume is now being forwarded to the VPs for Government Services and Operations; one of which is a former Navy Pilot and Annapolis graduate, like me – so that is a great sign!

I’m looking forward to a promising professional future, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the staff at Stewart Cooper & Coon.


Td D.
Date: 4/27/2017

I wholeheartedly recommend Stewart Cooper & Coon, Inc, and offer my sincere thanks and appreciation for the professional staff at SC&C. Yes, I had a solid professional background, but this, alone, did not help me get the interview or job. Rather, it was the skillful restructuring of my resume format from an above average format to that of an executive-level, superbly articulated professional document.  This also applies to the webfolio that we created together, making for an overall polished presentation of my abilities. This two-fold approach included mentoring by my coach, Michelle, who guided me through the daunting interview process; lessons that remain ingrained, and will be useful for years to come! I learned so much from this entire mentoring process. Yes, it took time on my end to provide the necessary work history and write up my achievements, which they helped edit, understanding that I — and only I– am able to provide my own history data. The personal level of coaching for interviews, encouragement, accountability and faith in my abilities helped me achieve the goal of securing a great employment position. Thank you Michele and all at Stewart Cooper & Coon, Inc.!

And my great thanks for the joint effort in landing a great position!


Bob R.
Date: 3/27/2017

Excellent career coaching and fantastic resume writing!


Angie L.
Date: 2/28/2017

From the beginning, I was concerned about getting scammed. There are so many scams on the internet for executive job services that I didn’t want to fall prey and lose money. I spoke with Dan Bulger and checked him out on LinkedIn as well as the company and it’s owner Fred Coon. I appropiately vetted them prior to signing any agreements.

From the onset of signing up for the program and paying a deposit, they were attentive and directed me immediately to my campaign manager, Barbara Limmer. I found out quickly that these were real people. They do this for a living, they are good at what they do, and this was a great opportunity to utilize someone who does this everyday to help me with my career expansion.

I diligently worked the program they set for me and followed their instructions even when I didn’t exactly understand every step. Barbara kept in front of me and kept me focused upon each task. I did exactly what was asked of me and kept on a schedule. From beginning to end, my placement took less than 5 months.

A bit about me: I am a 53 year old female with a long career as an executive. My mindset initially was that because I’d taken 4 years to care for sick parents, was that I was “aging out”. That was absolutely not the case. They were able to repackage and market me to the next level of my career. I landed an opportunity that I would have never been able to acquire had I not been appropriately packed and marketed. This required a monetary investment on my part which will come back to me immeasurably. I give this company a 10 on a scale of 10.


Adam H.
Date: 2/12/2017

Stewart Cooper and Coon provides a very professional, organized, informed approach to the job search process.  You will be provided a superior resume, LinkedIn site development, and access to hiring leaders at targeted companies of your choice.  Most importantly, you will have a personal coach with extensive HR experience who will be an advisor, advocate and confidant through the entire process.


Robert M.
Date: 1/30/2017

Fred Coon has been in the business for decades and creates significant value for his clients.  Fred is the founder and still remains accessible to his clients years after they have moved on to different roles.

SC&C has one of the best Corporate Outplacement programs and collaborative Retained Executive Search models in the business.
Those that do not have experience with career coaching, mentoring or even outplacement services may have the expectation that SC&C does all the work while they accept or reject employment offers.

The reality is, Fred and his team give people all the tools, expand opportunities, hone your personal brand and prepare clients for the most challenging interviews.

Clients that successfully engage, honestly utilize the tools and earnestly apply the skills will find SC&C a truly rewarding partner to work with.


M. Y.
Date: 12/30/2016

This past year I used Stewart,Cooper,Coon’s services and recently landed my next position. It was the first time in 25 years that I had to interview for a position.

Some of the elements that I found very beneficial are the comprehensive worksheets you complete to provide the background data from which they can create your resume and web folio, the target company research lists they produce from the SIC codes you identify, and most of all, the ongoing coaching I received from my Campaign Manager. She quickly identified where I needed the most help (coaching on proper follow-up with contacts, and interviewing practice). As I became more confident in those two areas my progress in landing my next position jumped forward. I intentionally changed fields during this job search as well, and landed a position at a mid senior level making a substantial salary, in just 9 months.

I have no doubt that working with SCC, sped up my progress and built my confidence much more quickly than working on my own would have done.


Laura G.
Date: 9/9/2016

I have worked helping senior level executives transition into new career opportunities for over 15 years, in the last 5 1/2 years I worked for SC&C, so I am privy to the culture, services and inner workings of the organization. By far, the methodology and services exceed any organization in the marketplace. This is not puffery, both the owner and senior staff strive to develop the most up to date approaches in enhancing career moves for executives who have contracted with them. The marketing packages developed are state of the art, the research is the best available, nothing they put together is hackneyed. The staff of consultants are uber qualified, having written books in the field of career counseling, and worked in the private sector environment.

Difficulty occurs when people think they can “buy” a new job. Nothing in your life is free, expertise is valuable, but when working with a company such as SC&C, you must be ready to work hard on developing the best approach to your next career move. This is a team that can shepherd you onto success and have done so with hundreds of execs who put as much into this as they do their jobs. This is a challenging process, if one goes into it with eyes wide open, you will reap great rewards. The best executives challenge themselves, they know that learning how to effectively market themselves in today’s competitive world pays big dividends.

As a point of disclosure, I have recently resigned from SC&C to work with a non-profit organization and to develop my art career. I would not hesitate to send anyone, including a family member to SC&C to help them further their career development.


Gladys L.
Date: 8/13/2016

I was very pleased with the service I received from Stewart Cooper & Coon (SC&C).  My Campaign Director, Valerie El-Jamil, and the SC&C team I worked with were awesome!  Valerie was always available to coach, discuss, encourage, motivate and help me achieve my new goals.  She consistently provided to me ways of using the company products to continuously make professional growth in my endeavors.  I will definitely recommend her to others and continue to use the company for my own needs in the future.


Thomas K.
Date: 7/18/2016

Stewart, Cooper & Coon is a great company to assist in changing your career path. I had the pleasure to work with William (Bill) Munson. As I was not the greatest client, his professionalism and coaching keep me on tract in finding the career I now have. It’s a lot of work to change careers and Stewart, Cooper and Coon helped me with everything. I recommend their services.


D. H.
Date: 7/14/2016

My experience with Stewart, Cooper & Coon was very positive.  The coaching and professionalism was greatly appreciated and the program did assist in my search and finding quality employment.   I strongly recommend their services.


Christie Y.
Date: 1/8/2014

I came to look up Stewart Cooper and Coon after reading Fred Coon’s book, Ready, Aim Hired. I was so impressed with the book- I contacted them directly. They have helped me immensely and with their guidance I have landed (finally!) my dream job. I couldn’t have done it without their help. Great personalized service and an agent who really took the time and energy to get me the right corporate lateral move that now puts me at the company and on the career path I wanted.


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