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Deborah H.
Date: 7/21/2020

I had a great experience with SCC and my campaign director, Jo Ann M., who helped me land my next professional opportunity. They were very thorough and gave me all of the tools that I needed to succeed. You do have to put the work in to succeed, but they are there to guide you and make you look and sound your best to employers. I would use this firm again.


Date: 2/9/2020

I was very pleased with the services provided by SCC. There is a significant investment and I researched it in depth before I committed but in the end I felt it was very worthwhile. For the fee, I received a full resume and Linked in profile update, an expansive webfolio, top notch coaching (Thank you , Valerie), access to search tools and search assistance. You still have to put in the work but SCC works along side you.


Thomas M.
Date: 1/17/2020

I have been very impressed with the service and professionalism of the whole team and have been pleased with the whole overall experience.

I was able to find a job before the completion of their process, and was able to do so without any of their resources, but I felt that the trajectory we were heading was beneficial and would have ultimately lead to successful placement.


Kim P.
Date: 12/3/2019

am a very satisfied client of Stewart, Cooper, and Coon. My Coach, Barbara, is exceptional. Her efforts to understand me and what I wanted to accomplish enabled her to share honest and extremely valuable insights and guidance. Barbara did not sugar-coat and I was better prepared for it. The resume and personal branding, including a Webfolio, help has been invaluable – all of it highlighting my key competencies, strengths, and accomplishments. The process has been quite rigorous, yet well worth the work. I highly recommend the Phoenix Experience – it has forever changed the way I interview. After several months of going it alone, within 6 months with SCC I have landed a senior level position ideal for me.
Thank you Barbara and SCC!


Harry L.
Date: 10/17/2019

I appreciated and highly valued the 1 to 1 interaction with my coach. she really took the time to get to know me and understand my skills and qualifications. She came up with timely advice. I retained SCC to add structure and organization to my search. They really supplied both. Their process is complete and thorough.


Mike B.
Date: 10/11/2019

When you are looking to get the best out of yourself and demonstrate your advanced capabilities to potential employers, there is no one better than SC&C. This company is not for one who is not willing to put forth some serious effort, but the results are worth it and are not only applicable to the executive job search but your in job experience.

Frankly it was similar to going back for a advanced degree. I worked with Bill Temple, one of the finest people I have come to know in my life, Through some tough love, talented coaching and guided direction he and the staff at SC&C prepared me for the competitive executive job search.

SC&C gives you the tools, strategy and guidance in your job search. They are there to provide consult in the interviewing and negotiating process. They do not find you the job, they assist you in building a personalized strategy in how to find the right job and then help to prepare you for each step along the process.

It was not easy, but well worth the efforts and time as I was prepared for success. I would highly recommend that candidates with SC&C take advantage of the face to face experience in Scottsdale. It was an experience that prepared me for the interviewing process and tuned in my skill sets for success,

I highly recommend SC&C and “The Professor” William Temple for anyone working to get the best out of themselves.


Tony H.
Date: 10/7/2019

I have recommended SCC to several former colleagues after successfully landing an Executive position with one of the largest tech companies in the world!

The program is well organized and lowed me to truly define my goals and target companies. The three largest benefits I experienced were:
– The work we completed focusing on salary negotiations helped me land my perfect position with an increased compensation of $30K
– The methodology used to research viable companies is thorough and repeatable
– My coach Barbara Limar is absolutely fantastic! Her guidance helped to build the confidence in my skill set and thinking about other potential opportunities and companies


Gary J.
Date: 9/14/2019

As I was dreading the prospect of seeking new employment, Dan, from Stewart, Cooper and Coon contacted me and offered the services and support of SCC.
Fortunately for me, over my 30+ years of employment, I never had to look for a job – ever! Opportunities always came to me; and like many current job seekers, I was comfortable in my abilities, but lacking the knowledge of how to “sell” myself to recruiters and hiring managers. In today’s competitive job market, I didn’t realize the importance of developing a strategy to market oneself.

It was quickly evident from my welcoming email from Michelle at SCC that I was going to receive the help from a significantly sized and greatly skilled team. Barbara, my Campaign Director, stepped me through the entire process of how to fully utilize all what SCC had to offer – and there is a lot they offer! Barbara was my coach, advising me how to navigate not only the SCC website but also the job hiring process. She got it right! Everything she said would happen in my interviews, did happen, and I was truly prepared and confident in my delivery and execution.

I cannot say enough great things about my experience working with Stewart, Cooper, and Coon. Many thanks to Barbara (Campaign Director), Cortney who helped with my branding, Kelly and her team who ‘fixed’ my LinkedIn, Michael for his work on company research and Kim for calling companies on my behalf. Job hunting can either be a terrible experience or, as in my case, it can be an exciting, rewarding experience in self-awareness.


Michael S.
Date: 4/23/2019

William (Bill) Temple and the entire team are extremely helpful and professional. I had the utmost positive experience working with all of them and will continue to work with them as an “alumni” when needed. Each and every team member is personally engaged and cares about you as a client and person.


Ron D.
Date: 4/23/2019

People here are extremely nice and very responsive. I’ve been working with Barbara for almost three weeks and she’s very professional and helpful. They have several plans you can choose from so it’s not a “take it or leave it” company. Easy 5 stars so far.

Will post updates as I make progress.


Cooper C.
Date: 4/3/2019

SSC was instrumental throughout my entire search. I would recommend SCC to those with at least 10 years experience. Valerie was great and went above and beyond what was contractually promised. She’s a great person and a smart professional. The system is intensive and does require a lot of time. That said, your experience will be based on your commitment to their proven system.


Steve N.
Date: 3/3/2019

I was in a position that I needed to make a big leap from my current position to a much higher level position. I felt like I had all the skills and accomplishments required for more responsibility and much higher compensation (I was looking to double my earnings), but I knew I needed help to make a big jump. I signed with SCC and got a lot of direction on how to systematically determine where my skills lay, what my ideal future position would be, and how I could communicate my value to prospective companies.

Full disclosure: it is a LOT of work – nights and weekends devoted to research and analyzing my previous work experience and accomplishments, and evaluating the current work environment. To make the big jump, it was necessary to deeply assess where I had been and where I wanted to go, which I had not done in many years. Completing all the exercises and reviewing my work with my campaign manager was instrumental in giving me the conviction I needed when I did begin the interviewing process.

I would highly recommend investing in SCC because I discovered that I was really investing in myself and my future. Again: it is a lot of work, but I received invaluable direction from my campaign manager and access to tons of resources that influenced not only my current search but will help with my professional career.


Arron T.
Date: 2/15/2018

My experience working with Stewart, Cooper, and Coon could not have been more instrumental and valuable in my job search and my personal development. I spent over 24 years working for the government in one capacity or another and I wasn’t sure where I needed to begin a new direction for the next stage in my career. I discovered SC&C after an exhaustive search with several other executive placement agencies that promised little results and showed no evidence of success. I was partnered with a highly experienced and talented team dedicated to my success and transition. I worked alongside top resume writers, personal marketeers, and one of the most impressive campaign managers SC&C has to offer. Valerie is a no holds bar, direct, and focused campaign manager that spent countless hours fine tuning my career search into an exercise of process improvement, surgical precision, and a highly polished professional image that rebranded me and set me up for the dream job. She pushed me to my limits to spend quality time and efforts to find the right industry, position, and most importantly, the right cultural fit that will prove to be very long and enjoyable career. Words cannot express with enough emphasis how SC&C can be the game changer for any professional and their job search. If you want results, you want the dream job, and you want to learn how to get it, you need Stewart, Cooper, and Coon.


Randy W.
Date: 1/29/2019

My experience with the team from Stewart Cooper & Coon was outstanding. My campaign director Carol was excellent. She was thorough, engaged, and focused on getting me to a point I could present myself as the seasoned sales leader I knew I could be. She helped me create a fantastic career web folio plus prepared me for interviews knowing I had not been through the process in over a decade. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a career change or for someone that has not been through the job search process in a while. Thank you to Carol and the team for helping me create the right stories to share that ultimately resulted in a new position with more responsibility and more benefits as I had hoped for.


Jerome O.
Date: 1/21/2019

If you want to find your next role/position, don’t wait for it to show up one day… Get prepared! Finding a position is a full time job that requires discipline. I highly recommend Stewart Cooper & Coon and their process to write you search material (resume – LinkedIn profile – personal Webpage), to define your campaign strategy and get trained for interviews. With the help of Barbara my Campaign Director we nailed it at C-level in less than 5 month. Great work, Barbara and Team. Thank you.


Date: 1/3/2019

Top notch staff, very thorough campaign strategy, and they were just the help I needed. My campaign staff and coach were a perfect match for my career goals and industry challenges. Valerie was my coach and she did an excellent job of getting to know me and personalizing every step along the process. I highly recommend checking out SC&C if you are in need of their services.


Debbie L.
Date: 9/10/2018

Barbara, Fred and the team at SCC were fantastic to work with during my job search. They walked me through all the steps in the job search process, offered expert advice on a personalized basis and at a pace to keep me on track, or worked with my schedule during the process. The resume, linked in and marketing materials support/writing, and the behavioral interviewing training and practice were key to my successful placement. I will use the new skills and tools learned from SCC on future job searches or in being better at this process as a hiring manager going forward. Thank you SCC!


Jay H.
Date: 6/3/2018

The only regret I have in utilizing the Stewart, Cooper, Coon team is not contacting them sooner. They’re a very professional group with a proven process for executive job placement. I was most impressed with their structured approach to developing marketing tools that allowed me to set myself apart from other candidates in the market. Everything from their LinkedIn evaluation/development to their customized Webfolio was top-notch. The Phoenix Experience was also educational and help me to better understand my interviewing strengths and weakness. I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Coon in-person and can say he’s truly dedicated to the success of his clients. My career coach, Jo Ann was a perfect mentor for me throughout the process and kept me focuses every step of the way (thanks again Jo Ann). I will continue to maintain my Webfolio with Stewart, Cooper, Coon and will absolutely contact them first should I ever need placement assistance in the future.


Julia and Ted
Date: 6/1/2018


I was laid off from my position with a leading financial services firm. As part of my severance package I was offered the services of an industry “leading” outplacement services firm. That firm offered resume writing services, a dedicated “coach” and a weekly networking meeting where others searching for employment would meet to review job search progress. Needless to say I was not successful with that model of job search. It felt like I was getting a mass market approach to finding my next career.

After a review of the Stewart Cooper Coon (SCC) model for Individual Executive Placement I engaged their services and believe that they provided me the necessary tools for securing my current role. SCC spends a great deal of time helping you get into the correct mindset for looking for employment and supports you throughout the process. You are held accountable for your deliverables and frequent calls with your coach help you stay on track. SCC does a deep dive on all of your past career successes and uses that information to build a compelling and results focused resume.

My former outplacement firm gave me a three page resume full of fluff. My SCC resume was two pages and only contained quantifiable successes. I had a recruiter say that my resume was one of the best they had ever seen. SCC builds you an online Webfolio goes deeper into your resume successes by highlighting executive core competencies and how you used those competencies to realize career success.

The Webfolio link is added to the resume and can be used as you network for your next opportunity. SCC will help you research firms and develop a list of companies to target in your job search. They will go one step further and will make calls to those firms to introduce you and open up networking opportunities. This is most successful if there is an open position at the firm you are targeting, but you never know where that next role is coming from so everything helps. SCC will also help you navigate marketing to recruiters, further expanding your networking capabilities. SCC provides the frame work to help you build compelling SHARE stories to be used in interviewing situations.

They spend ample time helping you practice for interviewing so that those SHARE stories are second nature and can be delivered with confidence. SHARE = Situation, Hindrance, Action, Result, Emotional Intelligence. Once you have the offer SCC will help you navigate the salary negotiation process and land the offer you want.

The Stewart Cooper Coon method is very thorough, thoughtful and focused. They will help you discover the best of you and turn that into a compelling story to share with prospective AND future employers. I highly recommend them.


John T.
Date: 5/23/2018

I first talked with SCC back in 2016 when considering a job change. They were very responsive to my needs and I was very interested in engaging with them, however things took a turn for the better so we agreed to put things on hold. Two years later, I called back and Josh Randle not only remembered me, but also remembered my situation and was able to pick up the conversation as if it were just a week or so later. This sort of personal attention to details and putting the customer first is what not only brought me back to SCC but also puts them at the top of my “suggestion to friends” list every time I need to recommend someone for career change assistance.

Because I had never interviewed for a job in over 30 years of working, I really needed help catching up to current-day interview techniques. SCC helped me with my resume, helped with my Linkedin profile, provided a webfolio web page, assigned a campaign manager to introduce me to target companies, and (most importantly) provided interviewing skills coaching. If you are in the market and are a bit rusty on any of the modern interviewing and job searching skills, SCC is the company that can update your skills and help you put your best foot forward.

As with most training, you get out of it what you put into it. SCC is not going to do your work for you, nor would you want them to. If you engage SCC, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the work it takes to land your next adventure.


John T.
Date: 4/15/2018

I have only goodness for SCC… my highest endorsement. The SCC Team was crisp and precise. Their support and engagement focused me and prepared me for the series of interviews with my Company. My Company hired me two weeks ago and I definitely have SCC and Mr. Fred Coon to thank for their part!


Cesar P.
Date: 4/10/2018

Stewart Cooper & Coon’s process, training and support is worth every penny. I found the right executive level opportunity with the right employer on schedule, but perhaps most importantly I felt fully prepared – from the online resume to the great job interview coaching. Thanks Jo Ann, Mr. Coons and the great SCC team!


Karen B.
Date: 3/9/2018

On 1/1/2015 I engaged Rodney Lamb with SC&C. Recognizing I truly needed the outstanding expert help of the team, I elected the FULL service package. By the second week of Feb 2015 I had already received monetary increases equal to 2x the fee I paid. Now only 38 months later I have literally received monetary benefits 20x the total fees I’ve paid this firm. Once you hire SC&C, they are in your court and will stop in their tracks and help you instantly upon hearing from you. I can’t endorse this firm enough. Truly outstanding experts in the field of career management.


Barbara P.
Date: 2/10/2018

I’ve used this company for myself but also with candidate placement and networking. They are extremely thorough in developing you for executive searches, professional web presence, interviewing skills etc. Additionally, using them for candidate placement is effective and efficient. They are paid on performance and they guarantee their candidates. Fred, Bill, and others are just amazing partners to work with. They listen, have superior core knowledge & skills, strong follow-through, quick, and quite frankly just pleasant to work with. I give them my highest recommendation!


Steve C.
Date: 1/15/2018

My overall experience with SC&C was very good. They found me early in my period of unemployment. They were thorough in explaining their services and product. I needed to have all of my job search documents revised as well as finding it helpful to have a career coach to help you through your job search process. The coach assigned to me, Valerie, was very thorough and very knowledgeable and offered great advice all through the process. The support documents and services offered are extensive and very detailed. Be prepared to be greatly involved in your job search! Their document preparation services were very good and their LinkedIn profile marketing services were exceptional.


Greg S.
Date: 9/11/2017

Being laid off, looking for your next career opportunity, and in your mid 50’s is a position no one wants to be in. I personally know that feeling and I never want to feel it again. After I was laid off, I spent six months of doing it on my own and coming in second place in job interviews. I had exhausted all my resources and didn’t know what to do next. Stewart, Cooper & Coon (SCC) reached out to me and I now wish I would’ve engaged in them sooner.

With SCC, you not only have industry professionals to help you find your next career opportunity, you have people who really care about you as a person. My career coach Valerie El-Jamil was not only my coach, she was my partner throughout the whole process and available anytime I needed her. She helped me pick myself up and helped me put a plan into action. Not only did she help me find my next opportunity, she taught me skills I can easily use in my new job, and in life. My word of advice for anyone who is in the situation I was in – call Stewart, Cooper & Coon today.


David M.
Date: 8/7/2017

“Stewart Cooper Coon delivered” As I begin to script this review I can’t help but notice the negative reviews posted on other sites. However, after reading ALL of them, they ALL share a common thread. They ALL assumed that SCC would do all the work.

My experience with the entire process and with the entire SCC team was very good. Yes, there was an enormous amount of research and upfront work required by me in order for SCC to exact the right branding, resume, webfolio, etc. While the work was sometimes difficult, it is because nobody knows me better than me, and until they learn about me, my abilities, achievements etc. they can’t begin to structure a plan and supporting collateral for me. As they say “garbage in – garbage out”.

At the end, I can honestly say that the position I was offered and the package I accepted was directly attributed to the efforts of this successful campaign. I would recommend SCC to any executive that is willing to invest the time and energy it takes to win.


Mark D.
Date: 8/1/2017

I used the Stuart, Cooper and Coon process to conduct a 3 month search. They did a very nice job with my resume and webfolio. The Phoenix Experience which focuses on interviewing skills was highly effective. Finally, the weekly calls with the campaign director were effective in focusing my search. I landed a job within 3 months and I am very satisfied with Stuart, Cooper and Coon and would recommend them. Mark D.


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