BBB Reviews

I used SCC to help me find a new career opportunity and I had a very good experience. They helped me to improve all of my documents and my online presence which is so important in today’s environment. My campaign director, Jo Ann M****, was a wonderful partner and she served my needs perfectly. She was whatever I needed her to be on any given week including interview trainer, career story teller, company researcher, confidence builder, negotiator, and even friend. I enjoyed working with her very much. I would recommend this firm because they are very thorough and give you all of the tools that you need to succeed. Of course, every experience is what you make of it and they do give you the tools and support that you need, but you will still have to put the hard work into your journey to make it a success. If you’re expecting someone to hand you a job, this is not that but if you follow their lead and do the work, you will have a good a great experience and succeed.

Deborah H.

I was very pleased with the services provided by SCC. There is a significant investment and I researched it in depth before I committed but in the end I felt it was very worthwhile. For the fee, I received a full resume and Linked in profile update, an expansive webfolio, top notch coaching (Thank you, Valerie), access to search tools and search assistance. You still have to put in the work but SCC works along side you.

Robert K.

I have been very impressed with the service and professionalism of the whole team and have been pleased with the whole overall experience. I was able to find a job before the completion of their process, and was able to do so without any of their resources, but I felt that the trajectory we were heading was beneficial and would have ultimately lead to successful placement.

Thomas M.

I am a very satisfied client of Stewart, Cooper, and Coon. My Coach, Barbara, is exceptional. Her efforts to understand me and what I wanted to accomplish enabled her to share honest and extremely valuable insights and guidance. Barbara did not sugar-coat and I was better prepared for it. The resume and personal branding, including a Webfolio, help has been invaluable – all of it highlighting my key competencies, strengths, and accomplishments. The process has been quite rigorous, yet well worth the work. I highly recommend the Phoenix Experience – it has forever changed the way I interview. After several months of going it alone, within 6 months with SCC I have landed a senior level position ideal for me. Thank you Barbara and SCC!

Kimberly P.

I enjoyed the personal attention and focus I got from my coach. She took the time to understand my background and to have many helpful suggestions. I added Stewart Cooper & Coon to my team to provide structure for my search. That need was very well met. Their process provided me with the rigor and incremental building blocks I needed to prepare my materials and to organize my search. I would recommend them to anyone who is preparing to make a career move or who is in the process already.

Harry L.

I can’t say enough about S******, Cooper and Coon (SCC). From the first engagement with Oliver C******, Managing Director, Career Consulting to the welcome letter by Michelle S*****, Senior Vice President, Operations and to my engagement with my amazing Campaign Director (coach, coordinator and mentor) Barbara L*****, Consulting Campaign Director, I have been treated to an incredible experience. I retained SCC after six months of job search frustration and a feeling that I was beating my head against the wall. I knew my resume, LinkedIn presence and interview skills all needed a bit of tweaking, but since beginning working with SCC, I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible about the realities of today’s job market and what it takes to be truly competitive. Every aspect of my “search” has improved 10-fold (a conservative estimate) in 1 1/2 short months to include a beautifully written resume, enhanced LinkedIn profile (thank you Kelly S******) and vastly improved interview skills (thank you Barbara L***** and Carol D’*****, Consulting Campaign Director/Executive Coach). Additionally, I now have an online career webfolio/branding package that was conceived and produced by an expert team headed by Michael W*******, Managing Director, Operations and Support. In terms of the actual job search, Barbara has made sure that I’m conducting a much more efficient and thorough target company search, and in the background, the marvelous Shanti B****, Candidate Marketing Specialist is in the process of completing a marketing campaign on my behalf. Along with these professional services, I must also mention the plethora of resources, much of which is available online by anyone who goes to https://s****** Navigating through these resources (with Barbara’s guidance) and the book by Mr. Coon, “Ready, Aim, Hired”, have made my job search experience an invaluable learning and job search journey. If you have any hesitancy at all, let your concerns be calmed. You can’t miss with this team and I’m certain you’ll find a path toward your dream job with S******, Coon and Cooper. ***** ********, BSN, MBA, USAF Lt. Col. (Ret)

Sandra M.

When you are looking to get the best out of yourself and demonstrate your advanced capabilities to potential employers, there is no one better than SC&C. This company is not for one who is not willing to put forth some serious effort, but the results are worth it and are not only applicable to the executive job search but your in job experience. Frankly it was similar to going back for a advanced degree. I worked with Bill Temple, one of the finest people I have come to know in my life, Through some tough love, talented coaching and guided direction he and the staff at SC&C prepared me for the competitive executive job search. SC&C gives you the tools, strategy and guidance in your job search. They are there to provide consult in the interviewing and negotiating process. They do not find you the job, they assist you in building a personalized strategy in how to find the right job and then help to prepare you for each step along the process. It was not easy, but well worth the efforts and time as I was prepared for success. I would highly recommend that candidates with SC&C take advantage of the face to face experience in Scottsdale. It was an experience that prepared me for the interviewing process and tuned in my skill sets for success, I highly recommend SC&C and “The Professor” William Temple for anyone working to get the best out of themselves in the highly competitive professional job search environment.

Michael B.

In today’s business environment, if you’re going to change industries or positions, you need a very defined employment strategy. I came to realize this very early on in my job search. Initially, I spent money with a resume writer, and that’s what I got. With the few responses it generated, I realized I was ill prepared to leverage my knowledge and experience, skillfully articulate how I could “make a difference”, and effectively negotiate a compensation package to maximize my value with perspective employers. SC & C provided me an entire turnkey program, helped define my strategy, crafted my materials, organized an action plan to accentuate my attributes, positioned me in front of targeted companies, and guided me through the entire interview process. Although my campaign director Barbara gets most of the credit, she had an entire team that organized these assets and provided the coaching and guidance that differentiated me from the competition. I credit this group at SC & C as being my personal trainers, with organizing and supporting my career search “workout schedule” (and yes, you do need to put sweat equity into it), while I was still employed. I am excited to state that within six months after the completion of my materials, I accepted a position of COO with a 20% salary increase over my previous employment. For me, with the short time that it took to secure this position, my monthly compensation far outweighed the cost of the service, making SC & C a great investment.

David D.

The entire experience can best be described as professional, helpful, and welcoming! I have the utmost respect and gratitude for Fred C*** and Michelle who helped me find employment and went out of their way to make sure I was fully prepared for all employment requirements. I also appreciate the follow-up and helpful suggestions they provided me. This is a first class operation from top to bottom and I fully endorse them. I hope to have the opportunity to work SCC in the future. Job hunting can be a tough experience, but this team made sure it was easy, clear with expectations and that they were here to help with any and all questions and requests. I have grown as a professional and hope others are as fortunate as I was to have SCC on their team!

Andrew S.

As I was dreading the prospect of seeking new employment, Dan, from Stewart, Cooper and Coon contacted me and offered the services and support of SCC. Fortunately for me, over my 30+ years of employment, I never had to look for a job – ever! Opportunities always came to me; and like many current job seekers, I was comfortable in my abilities, but lacking the knowledge of how to “sell” myself to recruiters and hiring managers. In today’s competitive job market, I didn’t realize the importance of developing a strategy to market oneself. It was quickly evident from my welcoming email from Michelle at SCC that I was going to receive the help from a significantly sized and greatly skilled team. Barbara, my Campaign Director, stepped me through the entire process of how to fully utilize all what SCC had to offer – and there is a lot they offer! Barbara was my coach, advising me how to navigate not only the SCC website but also the job hiring process. She got it right! Everything she said would happen in my interviews, did happen, and I was truly prepared and confident in my delivery and execution. I cannot say enough great things about my experience working with Stewart, Cooper, and Coon. Many thanks to Barbara (Campaign Director), Cortney who helped with my branding, Kelly and her team who ‘fixed’ my LinkedIn, Michael for his work on company research and Kim for calling companies on my behalf. Job hunting can either be a terrible experience or, as in my case, it can be an exciting, rewarding experience in self-awareness.

Gary J.

I have to say that I am one-hundred percent pleased with my SCC experience. From my initial conversations with Fred C. and all my subsequent interactions with Bill, I have been completely satisfied. The process was very straight-forward and allowed me to target skills, organize my work history and re-write my resume and web folio into a logical manner. The assistance with my resume, LinkedIn profile, and the preparation work with the interview process helped me better present myself and communicate my accomplishments. Bill T. was amazing in all ways. Assisted me through-out this process and help me tremendously. He is a master as getting through the tough interview questions, and his mock sessions are invaluable. The quality of the work, the assistance with my resume and web folio were top notch and, I highly recommend SCC to anyone that wants to take their career to the next step!! The skills I gained will be with me forever. Thank you, SCC.

Oliver H.

Jo Ann,my Campaign Director, was a tremendous asset in leading me through a new placement opportunity, She is professional, genuine and very knowledgeable in this industry. To cover the amount of material in a short amount of time is a testament to her and SCC’s software package. She is prompt, detailed, honest and prepared which are characteristics that are so needed today! I highly recommend Stewart Cooper & Coon for any Individual or Corporate placement. Their technology is intuitive and robust (and I’m an IT professional so I have experience with technology).

Ken B.

I had an amazing experience working with SCC! My introductory call with Josh Randall was educational and accurate as to what to expect during my campaign experience, from the time it would take to the effort involved by all parties to the frequency of contact and resulting job materials… everything turned out exactly as described. I was lucky to be paired with William “Bill” Temple as my campaign director. He was AMAZING in every way! He’s blessed with an uncanny ability to phrase things in compelling ways, even if you feel your accomplishment was mundane. He’s a master at handling tough interview questions and his mock interviews were invaluable in helping me overcome all of my concerns. He even offered specific advice on how to negotiate salary and benefits, and set me up for success by asking tough questions and helping me craft my responses. Working with Bill and the SCC team, I was able to land my dream job within 6 weeks of signing up! Overall it was a phenomenal experience and I highly recommend SCC to any job seekers who want to take the next step in their career!

Matt T.

I had never hired expert help to find a job, and did heavy due diligence on Stewart Cooper Coon before deciding to invest. It is a significant investment of both money and time, but is well worth it. SCC has a well defined and well executed process for helping the candidate develop the critical elements and tools to successfully market themselves into their target new position. SCC does not not claim to find you a job. If you are serious about finding your optimal job, SCC coaches and tools are excellent. You will develop a stellar resume, online folio (that headhunters LOVE), Linkedin profile, and top notch interview skills. Barbara was superb!

Janie Bates

SCC was the first outplacement firm I have worked with in my career. What I found helpful was going through the exercises to help me to properly target my next opportunities and focus my experience towards my next career steps. The assistance with Resume, Linked In, and targeting head hunters was fantastic. What was also helpful was the support in researching targeted companies. I ended up linking up with a company through my personal network, however the prep work helped me better present myself and improved my ability to position myself for the opportunity. It was a nice touch having a campaign director, Jo Ann, to help me keep things moving quickly.

Bill V.

I am a recent client of Stewart Cooper & Coon, Inc. (SCC). I have used other executive placement companies in the past. I’d categorize those I’ve used previously as glorified resume writers with links or blogs on “how to find your next job” level of support. I was overwhelmingly surprised at the personal touch of each and every level of the SCC organization I worked with. From the sales introduction, personal marketing coach, resume/webfolio creators, LinkedIn support, administration, targeted company 3rd party calling, interview practice and finally to employee agreement negotiations, I was consistently impressed on the smooth hand off from one department to the next. Everything was fully documented and online for not only me the client but the whole SCC team to access when working with me. I’m used to working within classic corporate organizations where silos impede prompt and consistent progress requiring me to push things from one silo to the next. SCC is a virtual team of experts that smoothly hands off the baton from one person to the next and keeps you informed along the way. I’m intentionally not mentioning names as I’m not sure it’s appropriate in this age of crazy hyper-linked social media. But I have let the SCC team know how impressed I was by their service and personal touch. I never felt I was just another client to be pushed through the process. My marketing coach took a personal interest in me, my goals, my job search and was instrumental in pulling “who I am” out of me regarding things I hadn’t really given much thought about other than just doing them in my everyday work. I consider my marketing coach to be a friend and someday I hope to be able to personally meet him and take him out to a well-deserved dinner to celebrate my new employment. I consider myself a SCC alumnus and I won’t hesitate to use their other services as needs arise.

Ron K.

A very professional enterprise. I highly recommend for anyone looking into a company to help them into their next profession.

Gregory R.

I found working with SCC very fair and reasonable in terms of cost. The money back guarantee was a nice surprise. I looked at the cost as an investment in accelerating my search, which would easily pay back any income I was missing in a more timely manner. Bill T***** was my campaign director. He taught me a whole new way to organize my responses in interviews, which in an of itself not only helped me attain a job that was a great fit, but also gives me the confidence to be a better interviewer myself as I hire others into my organization.

Dave B.

As an actual client of the firm, I would highly recommend those with experience to leverage the services that SCC provides. In a challenging, changing job market, their expertise was instrumental in my search that is now complete. A very special thanks to Valerie for her unending patience and support throughout the entire process.

John C.

SCC offers money back guarantee, would never think of asking for my money back. Extreme value for what you pay. Terrific team approach to exec coaching and search. Jo Ann M**** and Pam L******** worked diligently to fund a placement for me from sign on to placement just under six months. Achieved a step up from my last position. Would Absolutely recommend.

James M.

My experience working with Stuart, Cooper, and Coon could not have been more instrumental and valuable in my job search and my personal development. I spent over 24 years working for the government in one capacity or another and I wasn’t sure where I needed to begin a new direction for the next stage in my career. I discovered SC&C after an exhaustive search with several other executive placement agencies that promised little results and showed no evidence of success. I was partnered with a highly experienced and talented team dedicated to my success and transition. I worked alongside top resume writers, personal marketeers, and one of the most impressive campaign managers SC&C has to offer. Valerie is a no holds bar, direct, and focused campaign manager that spent countless hours fine tuning my career search into an exercise of process improvement, surgical precision, and a highly polished professional image that rebranded me and set me up for the dream job. She pushed me to my limits to spend quality time and efforts to find the right industry, position, and most importantly, the right cultural fit that will prove to be very long and enjoyable career. Words cannot express with enough emphasis how SC&C can be the game changer for any professional and their job search. If you want results, you want the dream job, and you want to learn how to get it, you need Stuart, Cooper, and Coon.

Arron T.

The staff at Stewart Cooper & Coon are professional and dedicated to improving your job search and interview skills. I worked with Carol D’souza as my campaign director and she was outstanding! Carol helped me identify real achievements and create the compelling stories that ultimately got me hired in a position of increased responsibility and accountability. She was always upbeat and positive and kept me focused on the end goal of obtaining a national sales management role. I would recommend her and the team to anyone looking for assistance in navigating a job search, especially those that have not interviewed in a while like me!

Randy W.

If you want to find your next role/position, don’t wait for it to show up one day… Get prepared! Finding a position is a full time job that requires discipline. I highly recommend Stewart Cooper & Coon and their process to write you search material (resume – LinkedIn profile – personal Webpage), to define your campaign strategy and get trained for interviews. With the help of Barbara my Campaign Director we nailed it at C-level in less than 5 month. Great work, Barbara and Team. Thank you.

Jerome O.

I felt I had plateaued with my employer and had been searching for opportunities to leverage my entire toolbox of skills. Nothing had developed in more than a year. I took a risk on Stewart Cooper & Coon after speaking with one of their recruiters. I do not regret it at all. From Day One, I was partnered with a great Campaign Director named Carol. We worked diligently to expose my skills in a way that told impactful stories with results. The most difficult task for Carol was getting me to break my method of thinking (after having been held at a certain level in my career). She was always willing to make herself available at the last minute for questions or interview prep. She kept me focused on speaking at a career level I was pursuing. The team put together an amazing profile. It was hard to believe it was actually me they were describing. All of the steps, assignments and interview prep made a substantial impact. When I began this process, I was overseeing one location, unable to utilize all of my skills. Now, I have landed my dream job at a higher level with all of the responsibilities, authority, and challenges that will stretch all of my abilities. I wish we had connected sooner but timing is everything.

Erskine F.

We contacted Stewart Cooper Coon to help our son with his career. Fred Coon has been a delight to work with. Fred is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, smart, kind, gracious with a big heart. We look forward to posting more good news in the future!

Nicky C.

I had a great experience with this team! In the midst of a major job search, Stewart, Cooper & Coon provided me the counsel, real-world resume help and networking tools needed to turn my search into success. I had been in high-profile management roles within my company for over a decade when I decided to pick up the search for something new. Originally, I thought I knew what it would take to do this type of search on my own. Boy, was I wrong. We all have blinders when it comes to ourselves — and I discovered that with the help of this team. Yes, Stewart, Cooper & Coon armed me with the info and training I needed to find that next career step. They also taught me new techniques that I know will serve me for years to come. Thank you Stewart, Cooper & Coon!

Christopher K.

Stewart Cooper and Coon delivered exactly what they advertised. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, they will provide you with expert guidance and the tools necessary to develop a marketing campaign that will deliver results. Valerie, my campaign manager, was always accessible, very helpful and an excellent coach in preparation for the interviewing process. The materials that were generated from my input, were professional and enhanced my ability to convey my skills and experience to my future employer, that eventually led to my new position. I would recommend SCC to anyone looking to make a career change.

Matthew H.

I had a very positive experience working with Stewart,Cooper and Coon Inc. They helped me put together my resume, webfolio and value statements. They also coached me extensively through the interview process. I would not have landed so quickly without their help. Working with them was one of my best career decisions.

Suresh K.

Partnering with SC&C was the best career decision I ever made. The experience started with a consultant who outlined the program at great length and provided a clear understanding of SC&C role within the process but more importantly, my role within the process. The consultant was very honest on the amount of time I needed to commit and the amount of work I would be doing. I respected his honesty, and I was ready to get to work because I could see the benefit of working with SC&C. Within days of becoming a client, I received a call from my campaign director. The campaign director was awesome and I owe her everything. The coaching received thoroughly prepared me for the interview process, contract negotiation, networking, and articulating the value I offer any potential employer. SC&C provided an abundance of resources ranging from introduction emails to recruiters to thank you for the interview follow-up. A series of LinkedIn webinars offered suggestions and techniques to enhance my profile. The program consisted of a call campaign director responsible for connecting with target companies on my behalf. The call campaign director was top notch and a huge asset. As I come to the end of my program with SC&C because I have landed a position with a fantastic organization, every hour spent was well worth it and I would do it all over again. I highly recommend SC&C and I am so grateful for what they have done for my family and me!

Matthew E.

I first talked with SCC back in 2016 when considering a job change. They were very responsive to my needs and I was very interested in engaging with them, however things took a turn for the better so we agreed to put things on hold. Two years later, I called back and Josh R***** not only remembered me, but also remembered my situation and was able to pick up the conversation as if it were just a week or so later. This sort of personal attention to details and putting the customer first is what not only brought me back to SCC but also puts them at the top of my “suggestion to friends” list every time I need to recommend someone for career change assistance. Because I had never interviewed for a job in over 30 years of working, I really needed help catching up to current-day interview techniques. SCC helped me with my resume, helped with my Linkedin profile, provided a webfolio web page, assigned a campaign manager to introduce me to target companies, and (most importantly) provided interviewing skills coaching. If you are in the market and are a bit rusty on any of the modern interviewing and job searching skills, SCC is the company that can update your skills and help you put your best foot forward. As with most training, you get out of it what you put into it. SCC is not going to do your work for you, nor would you want them to. If you engage SCC, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the work it takes to land your next adventure.

John T.

Professional Organization that focuses on the individual. They are very helpful in assisting you in your efforts for your next career move. I found they are very helpful in organizing your resume’ and work history as well as helping you to focus on the best opportunities to pursue. The online personal web hosting they built for me was professional and instrumental in communicating my life work and abilities to prospective opportunities. Stuart Cooper Coons is a great investment in your future.

Eric E.

Stewart Cooper & Coon’s process, training and support is worth every penny. I found the right executive level opportunity with the right employer on schedule, but perhaps most importantly I felt fully prepared – from the online resume to the great job interview coaching. Thanks Jo Ann, Mr. Coons and the great SCC team!

Cesar P.