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Navigating the Tech Industry: Tools for Employers and Job Seekers

Earlier in the year, Decide Consulting made its 2018 IT Salary survey available for download to the public. Decide combined the results of their survey with job board data which was then cross-referenced with data from the Department of Labor / US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 15 percent, bottom 15 percent, as well as the middle ground of salaries were displayed.

Tech Industry Tools - Businessman pointing to tech graphics

One aspect which was made clear is that IT workers should always remain cognizant of their technological skill level and how it coincides with their future interests. Determining whether your company values these skills, offers training, or provides a suitable environment for reaching these goals is critical. Additionally, IT employers should pay close attention to the value technology holds within their organization, especially in terms of revenue. Companies of this caliber should make it their priority to ensure they are attracting as well as retaining top talent.

To achieve this goal, Decide suggests employers consider the following suggestions:

  1. Create cohesiveness through a “technology vision” in order to get employees and potential candidates excited about your company and where it is headed.
  2. Combine sick and personal days into straight PTO (Paid Time Off). This type of package is generally more attractive to workers, while often prompting a greater level of honestly between employee and employer.
  3. In order to stay competitive, companies must maintain a level of flexibility and subjectivity where HR is concerned. For example, judging an employee based on their overall performance and achievements rather than tracking how many Fridays they take off is more likely to boost morale and motivation.
  4. Make communication your priority. Get to know your most talented employees before your competitors have a chance to do so. Learn about their goals, ideas, and aspirations; and even consider modifying some areas where an overlap is possible.

To supplement the downloadable salary survey, Decide created an online IT Salary Analysis Tool to further benefit technically inclined job seekers, employees, and companies. The tool spans over 130 Job titles, including:

  • Chief Security Officer
  • Cloud Computing Analyst
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Information Systems Security Manager
  • NOSQL Developer
  • Telecom Engineer

Tech Industry Tools - Silhouette Group of Professionals

In retrospect, it’s more than evident that the tech industry has maintained an insistent level of growth and positive job prospects for several decades now. The industry has also displayed a sense of resilience to many of the economic and societal challenges which have negatively affected other industries. Job seekers on a quest for a career in a field which is both established and evolving can find this very combination in an IT position.

Fred Coon, CEO

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