General Officer Level Career Transition

Flag Officers spend a career serving their country. Your leadership and executive management skills are fully developed. These skills will position you for the next stage of your career journey. 

Most senior military leaders are confident that their transition will be smooth. They know their background and skill sets are valuable and that their skills will be recognized by the defense industry, government agencies, and contractors. They were often employed in a leadership role within these industries.

The video below is Craig “Bluto” Baker, USAF Brig Gen Ret speaking about the challenges of transition from the armed services to the civilian sector.

As a senior military leader facing retirement, there are critical questions you must answer.

  • “How is my long-term value defined in the non-defense sector?”
  • “How do I communicate that value to target companies?”
  • “How do I bridge the gap between what I don’t know about them and what they don’t know about me?”
  • “How do I compete with civilian counterparts who are also competing for a position I am seeking?"