Military Transition

Senior Military Leadership Transition

Did you know over 95% of those screening or hiring you at a non-defense company have no understanding of your military training and skills?

The Current Chief-TAP, Executive-TAP, and General Officer-TAP (Transition Assistance Programs) hit the high points, but we believe they are somewhat constrained by budget and time and are designed to go only so far. These programs often employ a seminar approach.

In the non-military world of work, there are many more important job search and employment questions a senior military leader and servicemember must ask and answer. Throughout your career, you planned and executed well. Now, you must study the marketplace, develop a strategic plan, and execute and manage your plan, to achieve a truly successful follow-on career strategy.

You had a military mentor or sponsor at some point in your career to help you rise through the ranks. We specialize in mentoring and coaching senior military leaders in transition towards rewarding and financially sustaining careers. Our expert team will help you find the next best career move – the one you want and deserve. Our Career Coaches and Executive Strategists know how to help you:

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  • Work through a strategic plan to explore all options available to you for possible career opportunities.
  • Clearly communicate your value to companies who may not understand your military experience.
  • Translate your functional, technical, and behavioral leadership experience in such a way to have employers not only notice you but they seriously want to interview and hire you.
  • Put together a clear brand demonstrating the significant value you bring to the table.
  • Successfully market your new brand and connect with many companies.
  • Speed up the search process of getting initial interviews and callbacks from desirable employers.
  • Interview successfully to receive offers.
  • Negotiate brilliantly to secure fair, sustainable and financially rewarding offers and come away from the table with no money or benefits left on the table – get paid what you’re worth.
  • Understand how to leverage and explain your military experience so it’s appealing to non-defense companies.

As a senior military leader, you deserve to have a rewarding and sustaining second career. We understand your high-level experience and we know how to guide and mentor you through your job transition effort and position you so that employers want to hire you and pay you well.