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Unique Challenges –Military To Civilian Transition

SC&C military transition assistance, military to civilian career transition

It is a common practice in today’s corporate environment for companies to provide customized outplacement services as a benefit to their transitioning senior managers and executives. Senior military decision-makers do not receive customized transition services. Instead, they attend short courses on completing the right paperwork to ensure they receive correct benefits befitting their command responsibilities and rank. However, a truly well-conceived senior-level transition program must address the following issues:

  • Planning – Develop a precise plan that balances your current workload with implementing multiple marketing channel requirements required in a successful job search or career transition.
  • Mind Set Shifts – Make the mind-set change from Mission and Duty to Profit and Loss.
  • Skill Translation – Determine how to translate your defense and national security expertise into valued corporate skills.
  • Your Value Add – Present your skills to companies in a way that you can negotiate the best possible price for your skills and not leave money on the table. Financial rewards are negotiated, not given.
  • Increase Your Marketplace Worth – Position yourself for long-term, increasing value in the marketplace so you are able to achieve a comfortable retirement status.

Here is a video recorded with General David Goldfein, former Chief of Staff, USAF with Fred Coon, Chairman of Stewart, Cooper & Coon.

There are many job search and employment issue questions you must consider, study, plan, and manage, to execute a truly successful career transition strategy.

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