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Michael S. – Marine Officer – 8-Wk Search + 20% Bonus + 20% Annual Stock

Michael came to SC&C as a retired Marine Officer. Like so many others, he discovered how challenging it is to move from the military to the private sector in corporate America.

He had no success conducting a job search on his own, which is why he chose SC&C to guide him. We focused on converting his military skills and accomplishments into stories that would overcome the private sector market perception that military people have no experience or that experience doesn’t translate into real jobs. We also worked on his interviewing skills and focused on overcoming the other perceptions held in the private sector that impact military transition.

He told us that the SC&C interviewing process, including the Phoenix Experience, and the timing of that event before the XXXX interviews had an immediate and real impact upon his success in securing a good offer. He also recognized the SC&C SHARE story process as integral in his interview success.

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