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Michael K. – Successful Expat Relocation – $20K Relo – $150K Base Salary

Here is a note from Jo Ann Moser about her client, MikeK.  I am pleased to announce that Mike has accepted a role with XXXX as Sales Director within a newly created division of XXXX where he will report to the VP of Sales.  He will have a sales territory that includes NASA and Lockheed-Martin, because he understands those industry sectors very well.

He has also been tagged to assist the business development team with his product knowledge background.   His salary will be $150K base with commission on top.

The best part of his placement is the relocation amount of $20,000 he was able to negotiate.  Michael has been living abroad for several years now and was very concerned about interviewing from overseas. His search strategy was to return to the United Sates and he was very concerned if a company would hire him, with his being overseas.

He was hesitant to ask for relocation assistance, since it was his decision to have lived overseas. I urged him to request the assistance, since he had nothing to lose in asking! He received $20K for relocation.

The fact that he did several interviews via Skype without the necessity of returning to the US proved he was able to accomplish everything virtually from a foreign location.

When questioned about the SC&C program he felt that he was always fully supported by a knowledgeable team and that everyone did their part to contribute to his success.  He was very grateful to the entire team. Doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

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