The Key to Managing CEO Succession

Among the most serious topics that can arise during the lifecycle of a business is the successful management of your C-Level personnel transitions. It should well go without much elaboration that changing the head of a company (or any of its necessary departments) can lay [...]

Choosing the Right Post-Military Career

If you are a veteran transitioning into civilian employment, you may find that you are faced with many questions.  After all, such a change is often difficult and complex. You may wonder what type of role you should pursue; what field or industry you’re best [...]

How Job Seekers Can Identify Their Best Company Culture

The one aspect of company culture that remains consistent is that it is completely subjective.  An environment that provides an ideal working condition for one employee could possibly send another running to the nearest help-wanted ad.  Considering how many hours per day we spend at [...]

Job Seekers: What Not To Include On Your LinkedIn Page

Although Facebook may be great for socializing and catching up with friends, LinkedIn is the current go-to source for promoting one’s professional accomplishments and establishing important business connections. It is also a way for recruiters to locate potential employees, while also offering hopeful job candidates [...]

The Power of “Yes”: How Does an Agreeable Approach Help CEOs?

Naturally, it’s unrealistic to assume that, within any aspect of our lives, we will be able to say “yes” all of the time.  In fact, agreeing to anything and everything on a regular basis can obviously be downright disastrous. However, there has been a quote [...]

The Best Way for Execs to Identify and Handle Mistakes

When given a choice between that of fault and perfection; it goes without dispute that we all – despite our professional role or status – would choose the latter.  After all, perfection is often synonymous with excellence, which inevitably leads to success; and past performance [...]

How Soft Skills in Business Impact Employability

The Skills You Need While it’s most likely you have heard the term “soft skills” mentioned in today’s job market, it’s quite possible you haven’t explored exactly all it encompasses. According to the Collins English Dictionary, soft skills are the “desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that [...]

Valuable Career Advice from Influential Executives

Seeking advice from an executive mentor can greatly aid corporate hopefuls in reaching their career goals.  However, in situations where incorporating a personal mentor may not be an option, it can be quite beneficial to personally research and consider the advice of established executives who [...]