Executives: Is that Meeting Really Necessary?

Most in-person meetings are indispensable for: Keeping team members up-to-date on any changes or modifications in the workplace Providing a forum where staff can exchange ideas and make decisions Offering opportunity for leaders and colleagues to discuss business developments and current industry trends U.S. employees [...]

Relocating? 4 Guidelines for Performing a Long-Distance Job Search

As we know, technology (notably, the Internet) has made job seeking considerably easier in recent times. The term, “pounding the pavement” has become all but obsolete; and while face-to-face networking is still recommended in many fields, the concept of visiting company after company to drop [...]

The Employee-Friendly Way To Actively Motivate Your Work Staff

There are seemingly countless varying and even contradicting methods and theories on how to achieve a solid and consistent state of employee motivation in the workplace. The real question we’re concerned with, however, goes beyond a simple view of base motivation, and into an in-depth [...]

8 Ways to Determine a Company’s Culture During Your Job Interview

What is company culture? The shared values, beliefs, and practices of an organization’s employees and leaders are the components of a company's culture. These beliefs and practices determine how employees and management treat one other, handle business transactions, and interact with clients, customers, and shareholders. Why [...]