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Matt B – $118 To $135 Salary Increase + $15K Signing Bonus

I’m pleased to announce that Matt Brand has accepted the position as Senior Operations Manager, to head up XXXX’s newest distribution center. Matt came to us having left his previous position due to a 45 mile commute in heavy traffic. Prior to that, he had spent 20 years with his former company moving around the country for various positions. His challenge was

a) he did not want to move from his new home and did not want another bad commute,
b) he hadn’t really interviewed for a job since graduating from college.

We worked together on defining his product, developing his packaging, identifying his target audience given his preferences, and also on networking, interviewing and negotiation. He began interviewing with XXXX and, within a couple of weeks, had an offer which he negotiated up from $118K to $135K plus a $15K signing bonus. He is thrilled about this position because it not only offers him growth potential but also because this job is 5 miles from his house! He loves XXXX’s corporate culture.

When asked what aspects of the SCC program most contributed to his successful search, he said it started with his SC&C resume and WebFolio because as he began using it, he got interviews! Also the work we did on interviewing, salary negotiation, and networking which he hadn’t done much of in the past. Thank you for Josh Randall for bringing in this excellent client, to Ramsey Penegar for your fantastic packaging, and to Tessa who is amazing at what she does in our client calling campaigns. Please join me in congratulating Matt!

Barbara Limmer, SC&C VP and Executive Consultant.

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