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Mark S. – Back In The Mix – $200K + $30K Bonus + 10-Min. Drive To Work

I am happy to report that Mark has accepted a new position. Mark came to SC&C with concerns.  He had taken off work for nearly a year in order to care for his ill mother-in-law full-time. This caused him to have job market re-entry difficulty that stood in the way of getting him “back in the mix.”

Mark wanted to remain in the sales field as an Account Manager/Director of Sales. After working on the online worksheets and re-positioning him, we produced Mark’s documents. When he began distributing them he quickly realized they were working well for him and he was getting more job search interest in him as a candidate.

After a series of interviews, he has accepted an offer with XXXX, a company that does custom solutions for companies such as Boeing and Lockheed.  He will be a Sales Manager and will report to the VP of Sales and Engineering. His new position is a 10-minute commute from his home.  He will have minimal travel.  He feels good about the work environment, as it fits well with his style.

Mark emphasized that he was quite pleased with his documents as they positioned him very well and got him back into the market after over a year out of the loop.  He complimented the SHARE Story writing process as it “forced” him to pull out his best successes and truly know them for presentation in interviews.  He was also very pleased with our discussions of interview techniques and interview practice. Thanks, Jo Ann.

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