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Larry G. – $87K more than competitor’s offer + $100K Signing Bonus + $2M Equity Stake Value +

Here is a note from Kyle Stone, Larry’s Campaign Director.  “Awesome news to report —Larry has accepted the CEO position at XXXX.  He and his family currently reside in a mid-western state.  They had just completed relocation from overseas. Believe it or not, he had previously accepted a COO position with another company, while his XXXX candidacy was still under consideration.

I counseled him in great detail, especially on his XXXX negotiations, and aside from a signing bonus (which he and I worked on as something to be added to his base salary); he received everything else he asked for.  In my placement follow-up conversation he revealed the following:

-increased the $225K base offer to $252K ($87K+ better than YYYY’s base offer)
– $100K annual performance/signing bonus
– 3% equity stake (currently valued at $2M)
-consideration for a seat on the board
-a complete exit package

Join me in congratulating Larry” – Kyle Stone

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