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Kathy W. – $195K + 10% bonus + 12 holidays + 2 to 1 match up on retirement

Kathy started her career in computer applications development and accounting with Honeywell. She advanced ahead of the typical curve adding Operations, Customer Service and Supply Chain experience. Eager to expand her industry knowledge base, Kathy left for an IT leadership positions with two different private sector companies.

A dynamic organization, her company changed structures, combining Kathy’s Business Intelligence unit with Information Technology under a single, more senior VP. That event and a desire to relocate from the upper Midwest winters to a warmer southern clime led Kathy to pursue a focused Job Search for a “C” or VP level position in the Sun Belt.

Recognizing the challenges involved in successfully conducting a “long distance” job search, Kathy connected with Oliver Cornell of SC&C to discuss how the company’s Executive Placement Services might help her accomplish her job search goals. Believing the program of services Oliver presented would be of value, Kathy engaged SC&C to partner in her campaign.

According to her SC&C coach, Kathy was a model client quickly undertaking the early work required to prepare and launch her campaign. Kathy adopted all the recommendations for working the “Job Search Marketing Channels” using the SC&C Advanced Activity Tracking System to help keep her organized. Kathy invested in traveling to her targeted cities to network in person and attended local business meetings, in order to add to her visibility and to make her appear to be a “local.”

Her effort paid off. Not only did Kathy generate at least one interview or serious discussion per week, but near the end of her job search, she was discussing 3 concurrent job offers with her coach! Kathy accepted the position of CIO with an Association. In her words “…the culture was a good fit being family oriented, kind, and with a great mission of serving children.  The compensation package was excellent with a great retirement program.  The position propels my career forward and it was located in my top tier target city.”

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