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John G. – Work-Life Balance Goal + Work From Home

Good morning, everyone. My client, John, has accepted a new role as an Account Manager with XXXX. John came to us as a harried employee working as a Business Manager for a large religious organization. He felt that the organization was too invasive in his personal life. He was also on-call all the time for any church functions (wedding, funerals, church events, etc.) and that had infringed on his last relationship.

His new role allows him more work-life balance. He now has the flexibility to work from home and he is currently being groomed to accept a higher role. He is very pleased that he had recently moved to a new condo and it so happens that he is only 1 ½ miles from his workplace, an extra little bonus.

During recent conversations he appears less stressed, more hopeful for the future, and excited to pursue a new future. Many times I find we serve not only as a coach, but also as a friend, a listening ear, and at times a bit of a psychologist.  Being happy at work comes with many components.

Thanks, Jo Ann Moser,
SC&C Senior Campaign Director

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