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John G. – CFO – It works over and over and over…

Here is a note from a former client to Bill Temple (his coach) and Fred Coon.  “I had to reach out to the both of you personally, because Bill’s coaching, teaching and SC&C’s methods were instrumental in finding and ultimately landing the CFO position with XXXX.

After I was employed the first time when I used SC&C, I have used the same tactics over the years.  In fact, they were a key factor in landing my latest position.  A banker that I bounced from a company 11 years ago has stayed in touch professionally.  My resume and web profile crossed his desk last summer impressing him and his team.  The owners of XXXX have known this same now-former banker turned investment advisor for a number years. When XXXX began searching for a new CFO, they developed a job description which was almost a complete copy of my skill sets.  Well, through a series of meetings and acknowledgements from a few my colleagues, I met with the XXXX owners.  Within 45 days I agreed to be their new CFO.

Over the years, I have fine-tuned the tactics you taught me and have I have adopted the throw-back question to fit specific situations – it works very well!  Not only did your process work for me the first time, it has worked for me over the last few years and I have landed two great positions and a series of high-paying consulting engagements.  Thanks for a gift that keeps on giving!

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