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Jeff A. – SCC Marketing Campaign leads to Discussions with CEO and ultimately a Managing Director Role

I’m pleased to announce that after months of interviewing, discussions and negotiation, Jeff has started his new position as Managing Director of XXXX Division of XXXX. This is very exciting because our own Marketing Specialist Tessa Philiposian is the one who made the initial introduction of Jeff to XXXX.

Jeff came to us seeking a position leading a business for a growth oriented company. He is a fan of the outdoors and was interested in moving from Chicago to a warm weather location. He had excellent credentials, having worked at name brand companies and having an MBA from Northwestern, but he knew he needed assistance in packaging, networking and interviewing.

Throughout our work together, Jeff was actively interviewing. XXXX was one of Jeff’s initial target companies, and Tessa spoke to their CEO and owner. Through her persistence and Jeff’s follow through, he then had a series of face-to-face and Skype interviews lasting four months. They were originally interested in him for a CA position but the numbers didn’t make sense to Jeff, due to the high cost of living in CA. Serious discussions and negotiations started and one month later secured a package he felt he could accept and he accepted the position.
Thank you to Geoff Coon and Elyse Arring for your impeccable packaging, and to Tessa for your diligence and persistence in getting Jeff exposure not only to XXXX’s CEO but to all of his target companies, and to Alcyone for your always on-target reporting communications and tracking.

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