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Jason D. – 6-Week Job Search – Multiple Offers – Senior Position –

Here is a note from Bill Temple about Jason’s job search campaign.  Jason came to SC&C as part of an outplacement arrangement with his company. Jason’s background is in IT and Operations management and he wanted to stay tightly aligned with these two areas of interest. Having been recruited to his former company, after eight years with GE Healthcare, Jason had never really faced a job search before, and was concerned about how his credentials would stand out in a highly competitive market. He also wanted to explore several options before making his choice in a new employer.

Working with Bill, Jason developed a very clear, concise and compelling story both in written form through his resume and his online SC&C WebFolio.  He took advantage of his SC&C training in networking communication strategies, and channel marketing techniques to get his message out to those around him. In very short order, within 6 weeks of his engaging SC&C, Jason had two companies interested in his credentials: one in a similar pharmaceutical industry segment where he was being recruited by a former boss, the other offer being a pure health care environment segment.  As often happens, the two situations came to a head almost simultaneously and Jason had to decide which direction to take.

Bill and Jason developed “asset/liability” tests for each of the options to get a better picture of how they stacked up.  An offer was made from the first company, but was held off until a clearer understanding could be gained from the second opportunity. Jason ultimately accepted the first position he was offered due to the overall value of the arrangement which included some very nice “added bonuses” including: allowing him to remain in his current location to run the job remotely, and should a move be required, a full relocation package; his pay was based on the pay scale of the headquarters location, fully 25% higher than the cost of living where he currently resided; he was offered a generous equity incentive as well, along with the best benefits package the company could offer.

All in all, Jason’s choice was a sound one. As he found out after accepting the position, the other company’s reputation for retaining executives was not good, so even if the compensation package had been better, the lack of job security would have more than offset the financial rewards.

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