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James M.- $129K + $13.4K Signing Bonus + 15% Annual Bonus + $13K Relo. +

A note to let you know that James has placed at XXXX. James and his wife have been living in the south-central U.S. with the hopes of returning to the south-eastern U. S. They figured it would be very tough to place two wage-earners back in Atlanta but their target city was a place they had lived before and they wished to return there. As it turns out, his wife (a school teacher) was able to get a teaching job back in the same district she left a few years back.

That set the plan in motion and it was more critical than ever for James to find employ there. He successfully navigated numerous interviews (phone, webex, and in-person) with XXXX and has accepted their offer. His wife is very excited to be going back and resuming her teaching career back in the Atlanta area. Very happy ending to this story!

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