Why Use an Executive Coach & Career Strategist

Let Your SC&C Executive Coach and Career Strategist Make Your Next Career Move Happen

You probably were not planning on hiring an Executive Coach and Career Strategist to make your next career move. With your experience and expertise, it’s a no-brainer why your dream companies would want to hire you, right? These companies are secretly doing everything they can to hunt you down so they can hire you on the spot.

But unfortunately, they can’t find you. Even if your name, resume or LinkedIn profile has come across their desk, you’re not getting the attention you deserve amongst other newer, younger, and often, less qualified candidates.

Here’s why:

Today’s job market, and how to approach it, is vastly different than ever before. What worked then won’t work now. The career ladder is disappearing. A completely different generation is rapidly moving forward, taking away the positions for which you have worked your entire career. And job security? What job security… it’s almost gone.

Does job security exist anymore? Companies no longer reward employees for their committed loyalty and hard work.

Why don’t employers care like they used to? Gold watches and pension plans are in the past. Employers only care about how you can contribute to the bottom line and deliver results.

How many times do I have to change jobs? The Bureau of Labor statistics estimates the average working American will change careers 5-8 times. Hard work and years of expertise will not protect you from layoffs, mergers and reorganizations.

How do I fit into this new workplace culture? The workplace has been transformed by gender and culture diversity. Teamwork and participative management is now what’s valued. How will you adjust to fit in with new rules and communication styles?

Is my job permanently being replaced by tech? Entire industries are being transformed by high tech, AI and automation. You’re scrambling to keep up with the new terms, while innovation is creeping up on taking over your job for good. There’s a new set of rules you need to understand and what you were taught most of your career no longer applies. It’s time to start fresh, understand what is required, and learn a different strategy that will automatically place you at the top.

When you work with an SSC Executive Coach and Career Strategist, you will: 

Understand and fit into the new workplace: Our Executive Coaches and Career Strategists understand the complexities of the new workplace. They will show you how to navigate your job search and the marketplace with a clear understanding and proven strategy.

Strategically leverage job insecurity to your advantage: Instead of feeling disappointed, frustrated, and lost, while trying to navigate the constantly changing marketplace, our team will show you how to leverage these changes to give you job security and confidence.

See results quickly with a personal mentor: The SC&C Executive Coach and Career Strategist mentors you personally and provides you with the individual guidance, strategic insight, proven plans, strategies and tactics to move you quickly and smoothly through the job search process into your next executive role.