Executive Job Search Placement Data

Let’s face it. The Covid Pandemic has forever changed the makeup and performance of the American economy and, correspondingly, labor market demand. The chart reflects both pre-and continuing-Covid Pandemic data. As 2021 progressed the economy slowed, the non-executive labor pool shifted to work-at-home models, the “Great Resignation” expanded, all contributing to increased concerns for labor market and economic planners. It continues to remain so in 2022.

However, the executive job market was not impacted as much as the non-executive labor market. While some numbers were affected in 2021, SC&C’s executive clients continued to enter the job market, receive great offers, and their overall package value variance was only slightly different.

* Length of Search – Description Below 2018 2019 2020 2021
**SC&C Successful Clients Analysis of client successes are documented below
% Winning Equal or Better Salaries 81.3% 81.5% 79.2% 80.1%
% Relocating 11.8% 10.8% 9.4% 8.3%
% Changing Industries / Sectors 6.7.3% 7.6.4% 6.5% 7.3%

Salary and Package Statistics:  In 2021, our average executive base salary averaged exceeded $174K and the range of compensation for our clients ranged from $85,000 – $1,000,000. The demand for technology- and operations-related skill sets was frenzied. Companies don’t want good talent they want exceptional talent; they want executives who are a good fit. In post-employment interviews our client say that they attribute their financial package successes to SC&C’s highly experienced Executive Coach and Search Strategists helping them create and express their value proposition successfully.

Length of Search:  When the economy is not doing well employment trends decline. When the economy is strong, they increase. Excluding the impact of the Covid Pandemic, multiple causes drive search length. These are: education level, work history, employment record, salary requirements, desirability of specific skill sets by the employer, both the U.S and Global economies, and offshoring trends. SC&C’s placement trends have significantly and dramatically reduced the DOL search time standard of 1-month for each $10K of desired income.

A candidate’s ability to navigate the interview process, especially their ability to communicate their value proposition to the hiring authority, varies by candidate. Successful searches are a result of the amount of time and hard work a person puts in, their personal state of mind, their willingness to accept professional advice, how engaged they are with their job and career transition campaign, how they conduct themselves during the job search, the effectiveness of their branding and marketing, and extenuating personal reasons - unexpected health issues, family concerns, sudden unemployment, or others beyond their immediate control.

An executive job search takes time and the amount of time a candidate can spend is often a function their employment status. Employed executives who work 50+ hour weeks have less time to devote, and their search time increases. Unemployed executives have more time and will typically have a shortened executive search.

Successful Client Criteria: Each year, we have one or two candidates who are not employed for a number of reasons: purchasing a business or a franchise; taking a pause to reassess their careers; seeking an advanced degree; deciding to accept early retirement; developing a major health condition; unexpected circumstances; and older executives who may lack the self-confidence required to manage a fast-changing marketing strategy. Our most successful clients have a “Never Give Up” attitude and approach the search in the same way they have built their successful careers.

Managing a successful job search is challenging work for any executive. 

In our testimonials, our executive clients speak about the process as very demanding. The best SC&C client is one who, throughout their career, accepts challenges and is not easily discouraged. The best way to describe a successful SC&C client is that they have courage, determination, great listening skills, perseverance and, when results are not as expected, remain open to alternative and better methods of attacking issues. 

For over two decades our team has been committed to putting best efforts towards each executive client’s campaign. Recorded testimonials verify this and confirm they know that each SC&C team member takes pride in customizing our services and doing what it takes to help each client achieve their career success story.