Client Success Stories

200+ executive case studies describe what initial barriers our clients faced, how they first approached their job search, and what strategies we employed to help them secure new positions and negotiate rewarding financial packages. Watch or listen to the video or audio files and learn about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon executive job search experience.

Here is a note from our client Dennis who shared his story about his struggle and his success in placement. “Hello Sylvia, I am writing to share with you the good news and good fortune I have had recently in the career search.  I was extremely pleased at how well the resume turned out as well. 
I’m pleased to announce that Adam has accepted the position of VP of Finance for XXXX, a leading maker of health supplements. He came to us in April after consultation with Oliver Cornell. His current employer was not getting the investment funding it needed to grow; consequently Adam’s growth there was also limited. He sought
UH came to us after an assignment with the largest software company in the United States, as the company’s Chief of Staff. He then went on an excursion into a startup building the operations side of that business. Due to capital limitations, however, it was not a sustainable relationship. He sought out assistance, found us,
Here is a note from Jo Ann Moser about her client, MikeK.  I am pleased to announce that Mike has accepted a role with XXXX as Sales Director within a newly created division of XXXX where he will report to the VP of Sales.  He will have a sales territory that includes NASA and Lockheed-Martin,
We have another CEO who joins our list of placed executives. Barbara Limmer wrote this about Keith’s success in job search. Keith made the leap from Executive General Manager of the Transportation division of XXXX to CEO of two companies—YYYY and ZZZZ Technologies and their subsidiary, AAAA. Both are in the technology manufacturing sector. Keith

Rupa N. – IT Director

Rupa came to from India where she had been working as an IT Director at a major financial organization. She felt this was a dead-end for her as there was no room for promotion opportunities. After we completed her documents and she went through her SC&C Phoenix Experience, she felt more comfortable with interviewing and
Good morning, everyone. My client, John, has accepted a new role as an Account Manager with XXXX. John came to us as a harried employee working as a Business Manager for a large religious organization. He felt that the organization was too invasive in his personal life. He was also on-call all the time for
Here is a note from Jo Ann Moser about her client, Troy.  He accepted a role with XXXX, a small healthcare firm as the Director of IT. This was a difficult search and Troy worked diligently on his SHARE stories and his interviewing and networking. It paid off and the job is a perfect fit
It is my pleasure to announce that Darrin has accepted the position of General Manager for XXXX. When Darrin came to us he was doing consulting work with no solid opportunities for employment. He was most concerned about extensive travel, and had been doing a job search for another direction since September of 2014. After
Mike had a 20+ year career in city administration and management. His most recent assignment ended when there was a change in elected City Commissioners who terminated his agreement, which is not uncommon in a political environment. Mike connected with SC&C to explore gaining assistance in his sudden job search. While managing a city was
Drew has accepted the position as CIO for XXXX.  As CIO, Drew will be in an expanded role from the predecessor as he will not only lead IT operations, but will also serve as a strategic business partner in developing the growth of XXXX’s multiple locations and online presence.  When he spoke with the interim
It is my pleasure to announce that Cindy has accepted the position of Operations Manager of Emerging & Traditional Payment Channels for XXXX, a consumer financial services company. When Cindy started she was open to industries outside of financial services, but was not opposed to staying in the sector for the right opportunity. Cindy placed