Client Success Stories

200+ executive case studies describe what initial barriers our clients faced, how they first approached their job search, and what strategies we employed to help them secure new positions and negotiate rewarding financial packages. Watch or listen to the video or audio files and learn about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon executive job search experience.

Kathy started her career in computer applications development and accounting with Honeywell. She advanced ahead of the typical curve adding Operations, Customer Service and Supply Chain experience. Eager to expand her industry knowledge base, Kathy left for an IT leadership positions with two different private sector companies. A dynamic organization, her company changed structures, combining
A note from David’s SC&C Campaign Director. I am pleased to announce that David has accepted a position.  In the last two weeks, David interviewed for the role of General Manager of U.S. Operations for a global company headquartered overseas. During this time, he was interviewing with six different companies for senior-level positions. Throughout his
It is always a daunting task to convert military experience to corporate America. Cesar has just accepted a great position with XXXX, a medical device company. In addition, he accepted a part time consulting position that has a strong possibility to become his career of choice. Cesar said, “…it is always nice to have multiple
Michael came to SC&C as a retired Marine Officer. Like so many others, he discovered how challenging it is to move from the military to the private sector in corporate America. He had no success conducting a job search on his own, which is why he chose SC&C to guide him. We focused on converting
Here is a note from our client Rick. “I just wanted to let everyone at SC&C know that I have accepted the CFO position at XXXX. We settled on a base and guaranteed bonus of $200,000 which is fine for me. It’s a very profitable company and the COO has committed that my base will
Jeff called yesterday and confirmed that he landed a job he wanted with XXXX one of the world’s largest web hosting providers. Jeff has worked with two other companies in this space, so he is familiar and comfortable with what they do.  His new title is VP of Sales. He is charged with building out
Rob has joined XXXX working in human genome testing. His base salary is $175,000 annually with a 30% bonus. His previous highest salary was $130,000 with no bonus. After six 6 months he will receive a 2% share of equity stock in the company and, if things go well, within 3 years he may possibly
Here is a note from Bill Munson announcing the placement of his client. His client, Bill, selected SC&C because he had the daunting task of re-positioning himself in a market in which he had no current experience. Bill’s journey included building a strong document and marketing process, securing much-needed interview structuring and providing a professional
I am happy to report that Mark has accepted a new position. Mark came to SC&C with concerns.  He had taken off work for nearly a year in order to care for his ill mother-in-law full-time. This caused him to have job market re-entry difficulty that stood in the way of getting him “back in the
Brian had been in career search almost 2 years before he became an SC&C client and was trying very hard to make a change in his career direction. On Monday he accepted a position at XXXX as Associate Director, Graduate Admissions.   Brian had two parallel pursuits – one for “corporate” companies and the other
I am pleased to announce that Bruce has accepted the position of SVP of Banking Solutions for XXXX, running deposit products, digital banking channels, payment systems and contact centers. Bruce came to us through Tom Kelsay He had a very unusual employment situation in that his most recent employer was a company that was under
When Charles started with SC&C, he had a few things “in the pipeline,” so we focused on interview coaching.  During the course of the engagement, Charles had a few different opportunities that emerged and we discussed interview strategies for the different environments he was facing. He interviewed with a major aerospace corporation for a training