Client Success Stories

200+ executive case studies describe what initial barriers our clients faced, how they first approached their job search, and what strategies we employed to help them secure new positions and negotiate rewarding financial packages. Watch or listen to the video or audio files and learn about their Stewart, Cooper & Coon executive job search experience.

Here is a message from Barbara Limmer to the SC&C team about her latest placement. I wanted to let you all know that Frank has accepted the position of VP of Finance & Accounting for a computer manufacturing company located in TX (about a 4 hour drive from where he currently lives. Frank came to
I’m pleased to announce that Matt Brand has accepted the position as Senior Operations Manager, to head up XXXX’s newest distribution center. Matt came to us having left his previous position due to a 45 mile commute in heavy traffic. Prior to that, he had spent 20 years with his former company moving around the
Here is a note from our client.  “After 20+ years working in Direct to Consumer businesses, my position was eliminated and I found myself looking for a job for the first time in 20+ years. I thought I could figure out how to do that by myself and was personally embarrassed to find myself in
Dan has accepted a role as Materials Manager with XXXX.  This company was recently purchased by much larger company. His new position is in his home town. His beginning annual salary is $80,000.  He is still deciding on whether to take the company’s insurance plan or stay on his wife’s plan. We helped him negotiate
A note from his SC&C Campaign Director, Jo Ann Moser. Happy Friday to all- and great news for my client Mike Sullivan. Mike has accepted the role of VP of Business Development for North America with XXXX, and will begin on Monday when he flies to Chicago to meet his team and in the month
Here are Rick’s comments to his Campaign Director, Bill Munson. “Hey, just wanted to catch up and let you know I accepted the CFO position at XXXX. We settled on a base and guaranteed bonus of $200,000 which is fine for me. It’s a very profitable company and the COO has committed that my base
Rob had been in the mix for a positon at XXXX where he got in the very running late and the company told him they already had a candidate but wanted him to wait in the wings.  He also had been interviewing with a major retailer but they were dragging their feet making a hiring
Peter was an exceptional energetic and receptive client, and his search results demonstrated a strong program result. He selected the SC&C program as he had the daunting task of positioning himself in a market in which he had no experience. Peter came to Stewart Cooper & Coon with an absolute decision he was not going
My client Bill” has placed as HR Manager of Labor Relations at XXXX. The company has locations across US, South America, Thailand, Japan. He will be responsible for providing HR support for 800 IUE – CWA represented employees and serve as the primary focal point for actions and interpretations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, providing
I’m happy to announce that Ray has accepted a position as Director of Research & Development for North America for XXXX, a chemical manufacturer. Ray came to us from one of the corporations using SC&C as their vendor to manage the placement of their outplaced employees. He had been with his company for less than
I’m pleased to announce that Jim has accepted and started his new position as CFO with XXXX, a large privately held non-profit. He is extremely excited about this position, as it positions him, not only the CFO title which he hadn’t previously held, but also additional responsibilities including leadership in both IT and all of
I’m pleased to announce that after months of interviewing, discussions and negotiation, Jeff has started his new position as Managing Director of XXXX Division of XXXX. This is very exciting because our own Marketing Specialist Tessa Philiposian is the one who made the initial introduction of Jeff to XXXX. Jeff came to us seeking a