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It’s Not About Job Search!

…an executive job search is not about job search…
It’s About Product

As a job seeker, you must successfully master eight product marketing steps and establish your own personal executive brand. Failure on your part to successfully bring your product to market will cost you both emotionally and financially. The questions below seem simple enough but a large number of very intelligent professionals never ask them. Over the last two decades, we have seen hundreds of executives scan this list and say, “I can answer that” or “I can do that.”

Here are the questions:SC&C Product Marketing, executive job search

  • What Is Your Product, Your Executive Brand?
  • Why Is Your Product Better Than Competing Products?
  • Who Needs Your Product?
  • Why Does Your Brand Excite Potential Buyers?
  • How Do You Get Your Product in Front of Multiple Buyers?
  • How Do You Eliminate Your Competition?
  • How Do You Avoid Leaving Money on The Table in Employment Negotiations?
  • How Do You Position Your Product for Long-Term Value?

Did you quickly answer these job search questions? Did you know all of the answers? Were you honest with yourself and did you reflect on one or more of them? If you did not answer them all, then you do not completely understand your own value-add proposition. In other words, you can’t properly sell your executive skills until you can clearly articulate them to yourself.

Your Executive Product: Your product definition must include your value proposition(s), functional competencies, key skills, clear price-earnings ratio, and your behavioral competencies.

Your Professional Edge: If you cannot define why your product is better than others, you will be another also-ran. Would any company attempt to sell a product they didn’t understand?

Targeting the Right Company: The shotgun approach doesn’t work. This approach violates every principle of conducting an effective job search. It is as important to know why you are targeting a company as it is to interview there.

Effective Executive Branding: Your personal  brand must be clear and unequivocal. It consists of five main concepts: resume, personal web site, LinkedIn profile, interview skills, and professional appearance.

Multi-channel Product Distribution: Each marketing channel must be laser focused and conquered, simultaneously. Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to manage the process will increase the likelihood of multiple offers.

Eliminate the Competition: No company hires two executives for the same job. This means that interviewing, in and of itself, is financial suicide. Your job is to have them conclude during the interview that they are lucky to have you join their company.

No Money Left On the Table: Your objective is to secure a better offer. At the end of your employment negotiations, you want someone to turn to someone else and say, “We are lucky to get her/him for only $20,000 more than we expected to pay.” Your price-earnings ratio must drive all negotiation sessions.

Increasing Your Future Value: This next job is not your objective. For those of you who are younger than 60 you will have multiple jobs before you retire. How you position yourself now, and in future positions, will determine whether you muddle along or significantly contribute to your retirement plan. The choice is yours.

Stewart Cooper & Coon can help you understand these and other major components required to conduct a meaningful and financially rewarding executive job search.

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