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Multi-Channel Job Search Marketing

The Only Way to Run Your Job Search                   

Working through multiple channels is critical in conducting an effective job search. Our executive candidates work closely with their Campaign Director and their research support staff to select target companies fitting their career path direction. We have candidate marketing specialists who contact those companies to present our powerful and trademarked WebFolio that positions our candidates as the Most Placeable Candidates (MPC) in the eyes of the companies they wish to work for.

New jobs appear on the Internet daily. SC&C candidates may send them to us so that one of our professionally trained recruiting specialists call and “strike while the iron is hot,” or the candidate may choose to call them on their own. Let’s face it. Who do you want calling for you – yourself or a professionally trained candidate marketing specialist? Calling companies is only one of many channels. Each one is important and, combined into a whole strategy, you will secure the job you want.

Eight Job Search Channels – Steps to Success (in order of effectiveness):

Personal Network – Spend time communicating with friends, business associates, people you know. Discover new contacts.

Recruiters & Opportunity Researchers – Create awareness with industry/functional recruiters using a direct mail campaign and by identifying recruiters through referrals coming from other networking efforts. Our separate group of Opportunity Researchers search for current situations on your behalf that fit your criteria, as outlined in your Campaign Strategy. Additionally, call companies on the target lists and inquire as to what recruiters they trust and utilize regularly. Send a letter of introduction to those recruiters and follow up the next week. SC&C is a preferred member of Top Echelon, a national recruiting consortium of over 2,000 recruiters.

Direct Mail / Direct Calling – Create awareness with a broader marketplace through direct communication to hiring managers with either an active or passive follow up. Re-call companies on the list and keep with that. Circumstances change daily at corporations these days. You never know when they will want to see you. Additionally, re-send your WebFolio link. IMPORTANT NOTE:  It is best to immediately follow up on leads that you come across by sending follow-up letters and certainly to those companies that we have presented your resume/WebFolio to.

Influentials – These are people who are the heads of organizations like chambers of commerce, trade organizations, economic development corps, major regional nonprofits (because of their Boards), and people with books of business such as accountants, business consultants, etc. Try reactivating your efforts in this area.

Associations/Organizations – Become affiliated (formally or informally) with people with similar interests: industry associations, professional groups, networking organizations, or civic, cultural, religious, government groups. ExecuNet is an outstanding source of networking. Additionally, our Association Database has an abundance of contact information. SC&C has over 34,000 associations that can be accessed by our clients.

Media – Identify needs/opportunities/trends/people through information gained from business articles, company PR pieces, research on companies’ web sites, “People in the News” announcements, etc. In addition, you will want to subscribe to several professional publications and business newspapers. Scan them as you look for contact opportunities. SC&C has over 2,000 newspapers that are linked live to our site.

Events – Job/Career fairs, trade shows, conferences, etc. Not for the companies that show up, necessarily, but for the people who attend. These individuals have resumes, each of which may have 3-4 former employers on it with whom the person may still have contacts. These don’t show up all that often, but can provide a wealth of information when they do.

Posted Positions – Spend approximately 30 minutes each day, reviewing the six (6) job boards with the most executive positions in your field. You should review the search agents and online networks (like LinkedIn) in order to identify new opportunities. SC&C provides our clients access to over 1,000 job postings daily in the executive salary range.

Conclusion: Just using one or two of these channels will not necessarily work alone. All of these channels need to be combined to lead to a successful job search conclusion. SC&C efforts are designed to package you properly, coach you through the process, and position you as a Most Placeable Candidate with target companies on your list and to help you manage your multichannel job search campaign. While our calling is extremely important for a proper mix of channels, even that by itself will not be as effective as a complete mix of all channels simultaneously.

Every day you will need to engage in working all of the above channels in order to conduct a successful job search.

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