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Your Interview Strengths

SC&C executive interview strengths test, performance equity

Every executive who is engaged in searching for a job must be able to communicate their value proposition. This is a real number that demonstrates their value to the employer. It helps on two fronts. First, the more valuable you appear, the more meaningful interviews you will have. The second it that if you appear valuable, you can negotiate for a larger package. Properly managing the interview is critical. A well-managed interview helps the company see that hiring you will significantly contribute to the company’s top or bottom line, or both.

Every executive has a PE” (performance equity) ratio. Your ability to demonstrate your value to a company is what separates excellent candidates from the “also ran,” and from those who are satisfied to mostly take what is offered. For each question in the following survey, it is important to be brutally honest with yourself. If you can’t form an answer instantly or you hesitate in any way or the answer is no, PUT A CHECK IN THAT BOX. Don’t waste your time fooling yourself.


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