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Your Financial Strategies & Career Plan for Retirement

How many executives do you know, including yourself, that actually have a career plan? Most people don’t do this until it is too late. When they do realize what is at stake, they try to catch up in hopes that they will be able to accomplish this goal.

SC&C Financial Strategies quiz, executive retirement goals assessment

Your financial success is driven by the series of career successes you have enjoyed. Success requires planning. Here’s a simple question.  Over the course of your career, did you take control and actively manage your career or did you leave your career to the fates?

Executives who plan and execute a successful career plan retire comfortably. Those who don’t, scramble to keep up, much less retire. Setting financial goals requires one to ask the right questions and then convert those answers into workable strategies to accomplish a clear objective – a reasonable retirement date and a comfortable post-retirement lifestyle.

Here are a few tough questions about your retirement goals.For each question in this survey, if you can’t form an answer instantly or you hesitate in any way or the answer is no, PUT A CHECK IN THAT BOX. Don’t waste your time fooling yourself.

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