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Work & Personal Life Balance

SC&C work life balance test

Attaining a work & personal life balance isn’t easy. We exist within two different worlds, and they are both always vying for our time and attention. In our personal lives, we enjoy our life, our families, and all that is right with the world. In our professional lives, we go to work every day and that experience may or may not be creating a personal sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

This quiz will quickly help you determine which priorities are really driving you. Once you have discovered those drivers, you must then decide on a course of action to further them or change them. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to attaining balance between your personal life and your working life. The important thing is that you know what your priorities are and why and that the balance that you have between your working life and your personal life properly reflects those priorities. After you take the quiz below, is your personal life and career balance where you want it to be? If not, then you now have a good starting place to reestablish that balance.

Speaking with a professional about what you learn is important. You will want to speak with someone who can guide you through the changes necessary to accomplish your career goals. Please feel free to call SC&C to discuss career management tactics. Learn how to achieve a better balance between the personal and job demands you face every day.

Check as many boxes below that apply to your situation. You may view your score and determine your status at the bottom of this exercise.


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