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What Are Your Career Values?

Imagine you have just found an old lamp, rubbed it and a career-genie popped out and told you that he would give you whatever you wanted in a career. “Be careful,” he says, “because what you wish for is what you get.” Can you put into words the desires of your heart? Can you sort out your small whims, strong preferences and firm requirements regarding the world of work and career satisfaction?

SC&C career values test, what do I want in a career

Every day, someone somewhere asks themselves, “What do I want in a career?” Other related questions are:

  • Where do I want to live and work?
  • What kind of job appeals to me?
  • What kind of coworkers will be kindred spirits?
  • What kind of working conditions will be rewarding?
  • What level of responsibility can I handle?
  • What salary level is important for me to attain?

These are value questions. Being able to answer these questions and others like them clearly plays a key role in achieving career satisfaction and success. Employment opportunities vary widely. The match between your values and a job’s components can range all the way from wonderful to reasonably good to awful.

What are your values? Faced with the work genie today would you be able to answer his question and live with the results for the rest of your working life? These career values and clarifying your motivations behind them is one of the most valuable services Stewart, Cooper & Coon provides to our clients. SC&C clients know what they want and they know why. They are, therefore, able to articulate these values to prospective employers and secure jobs and careers that are rewarding and meaningful to them and to their companies. It sounds so logical and simple and yet we estimate that 90% of job applicants would fail the genie test. Are you one of them?

It is necessary to have some criteria for career decisions. These values also provide the means to evaluate the merits and negotiate the terms for actual job offerings. The process we use centers around values clarification. When you finish our test. you will be in a much better position to translate your values into a strong negotiating position. This allows you to experience the rich rewards of doing work in harmony with your deepest feelings and strongest beliefs about life and career satisfaction.

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