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Ready For a New Job or a Career Change?

SC&C career change readiness assessment, new job readiness quiz

Deciding when to change careers or seek a new job is one of the most important steps for any executive. Move around too much and you can damage your reputation; move around too little and you can seriously damage your long-term earnings potential. Knowing when to make a career change is as important as knowing why.

Stewart, Cooper & Coon specializes in optimizing every aspect of a career change for our clients. We know the optimal job transition trends for each and every industry at each level of executive employment. An optimal two-year transition in one industry may be five years in another. The optimal time for a vice president is often very different from a CFO or a district manager. Moreover, these variables must be integrated with your age, experience and personal expectations. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Staying put may seem like the safe choice, but this can also have devastating consequences. Managing these job changes at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons can cost you years of wasted time and thousands of dollars in income. Taking the guesswork out of when to make a career change or move on to a new job makes it much easier to develop a successful career plan and meet your lifetime career goals.

Career Assessment Questions

Below is one of the introductory worksheets we provide to our clients to determine whether or not it’s time to make a career change. We encourage you to use this worksheet for yourself and look at the results. As you fill out the worksheet, keep these questions in mind:

  • Why do I feel that a new job will help me?
  • What is the reason for this?
  • Are my reasons for a career change emotional or situational?
  • If you could score yourself on a ready for a career change scale, what would your score be?

This simple exercise will ask you a few questions and then score your answers. The worksheet is designed to help you understand your current situation. It will help you determine if you are ready for a change, in either your job or your career.

After you secure your results, feel free to call SC&Cso that we can discuss what you have  learned from this exercise and how you can move your situation forward. We can assist you in successfully making your next executive job transition.

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