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Career Management Strategies & Tactics

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There has never been a time when career management strategies were more important than they are today. Research shows that any individual in a job search will change jobs many times during their career. For executives, the time in any given position is averaging between four and five years. Our data show that every five years this trend moves toward less time in a job, not more, for each executive position occupied.

It has also been our experience that most executives do not plan their careers. Rather, they allow outside forces to be the cause of career change; these fall into the areas of recruiters who call them or former employers who call and ask if they will join them in their new ventures.

With the competition being so fierce in today’s executive job market, it is imperative that any executive in search carefully plan their next move and the three beyond that one. Failure to do so will result in a passive career and a financial package that depends upon the good will of others. What is essential is a proactive career plan that has been well designed and executed for your individual needs and goals. This is just like the growth of any other business or product, the only difference is that you keep and reap the rewards rather than the companies. SC&C’s research has shown that our clients receive better offers, spend less time in the job search and most importantly are happier in both their jobs and in their careers. Contact SC&C to discuss your career strategies and how you can impact your success, both professionally and financially.


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