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Reasons for Job Search

High-level executives start a job search for a variety of reasons. Whatever your reason, chances are Stewart, Cooper & Coon can help you successfully navigate your way into a better position. Below are a few of the possible issues that may be driving your desire for a career change. Of course, there are many more but these seem to be the most frequently quoted reasons given by the executives we’ve interviewed over the years. No matter what your reason, attempting to solve one or more of these by yourself is like picking stocks without studying the underlying value of the stock purchased. Why don’t you call SC&C to learn how we can assist you with your career goals.

  • Bored & Desire A New Career
  • My Job Is Being Eliminated
  • My Company Is Failing
  • Worried About Facing Unemployment
  • Can’t Secure A Meaningful Interview
  • Can’t Secure Multiple Interviews
  • Laid Off Or Fired
  • Company Outplacement Isn’t Working
  • Can’t Locate Or Get To Unadvertised Jobs
  • Recruiters Aren’t Responsive
  • Is Age Hurting My Career Change?

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