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Marketing Yourself Properly: Executive Job Search 101

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Ask 100 executives if they need help in a job search and the answer will usually be “No.” They haven’t looked for a job for a long time and think the methods they used the last time they sought employment will still work in today’s executive job search environment. They are even confident about this. Why?

They are confident for good reasons. After all, they run companies, make decisions, and achieve results because of their dynamic managerial and executive leadership. What else could possibly be better on a resume? The problem is that excellent track records are no longer unique. As an executive job seeker, you are no different from 500 other executive job seekers out there today. This job market is fiercely competitive and the job you seek will probably be difficult to find.

Furthermore, there are tactics and strategies that you should avoid as you conduct your search. Why? Some of them are time wasters and others simply don’t work. Some can even be harmful to your career objectives. Knowing which one is which requires expertise. Precious few tactics really work well and they need to be worked on every day until you are employed. Knowing which is which and in what sequence you need to perform these tasks will give you the edge over your competition.

Some executives tell us they network on the Internet eight or more hours daily. As you read this you are working the Internet, too. However, are you managing the other six channels of job search effectively as well? Are your network efforts yielding multiple offers? What could you do to make that happen? Did you know that only 5-7% of nontechnical jobs are found on the Internet and only 15-20% of all jobs are advertised? Where are the other 80-85% of the jobs that are available?

Proper marketing begins with proper packaging. Your objective, therefore, is to be perceived as the most viable candidate. On paper, on the web, on LinkedIn, or on any other social media channel, you will want to be perceived as the one perfect candidate. How do you ensure that you are?

Once you are properly packaged, you must then conduct excellent research and select your target companies carefully. Our databases consist of millions of hiring organizations – each with full contact information, and all of this is available to our executive candidates.

Your competition will be using common and public job search techniques. Working with us, you will not. Your marketing package will be multifaceted and it will focus on a tactical, carefully designed plan to reduce the time you spend in your executive job search which is one of your primary goals. You must position yourself outside the box, beyond narrow vision, away from old hat and traditional implementation tactics in order to move toward a successful campaign.

If you don’t know what multiple channels are or how to manage them during your campaign, or your networking isn’t paying off in spades, or your resume isn’t generating multiple interviews, then chances are your executive job search effort isn’t working. Why don’t you explore options that really work and gain a better understanding of what a successful job search is really all about? Call SC&C and let us share with you what really works and what does not and why.

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