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Effective Salary Negotiation: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

SC&C executive salary negotiation strategies, negotiating salaryA successful career starts and ends with effective salary negotiation. The company wants to pay you what they want and not a penny more. You want them to pay you what you think you are worth and not a penny less. This difference is a reality every executive faces in a job search. How you address this discrepancy will determine how successful you will be in negotiating your salary and benefits package. Moreover, nothing influences future earnings more than your starting salary. This is one of the most important steps in securing your future.

Do you know what should be on your three salary negotiation lists? Do you even know what the three lists are? Have you set your priorities on each? At some point, you or the employer must put a dollar amount on the table. How do you answer the following question in its various forms: “Tell me what you are looking for.” Or, “Tell me what it will take to get you here.” Or, “What did your W-2 show last year?” If you answer too low, you should be working for the next level down. If you answer too high, you price yourself out of the market. The real answers to successful salary negotiation, and we have ten proven strategies to share with you, have nothing at all to do with money.

Here’s another fact. The hiring company is not concerned with your needs. Their main concern is getting your labor at the cheapest rate, given what the market will bear. Taking less is not an option. But, how do you get more? The “more” will come if you know how to create value, effectively negotiate your salary, and control the process from beginning to end.  Call us and let’s discuss proven negotiation strategies we helped our 5,000+ clients implement for over two decades.

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