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The Economics of a Job Search: Calculate Your Actual Costs of Jobless Downtime

SCC executive job search economics, executive career salary calculatorStewart, Cooper & Coon has developed the following job-search calculator to help you determine where you stand financially and to calculate potential losses that you might incur in both earned and unearned income and expenses during your job search.

Enter the desired annual salary you aspire to into the box requiring desired. Then, enter your monthly expenses into the next box. Click the Calculate Fiscal Losses button and your daily, weekly and monthly costs of conducting an executive job search will be displayed. After you know your potential financial losses, read the rest of the article below to learn more about the economic impact of your current job search on your career and retirement prospects.

Time is always of the essence in a job search. So is reducing the financial drain on your current “wallet” but also the cost over time by having unearned income.

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