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Eight Executive Career Change Dilemmas

SC&C executive job search tips, job search myths

Companies seek excellent talent. For you to receive an offer of employment, the company must identify you as the best person to satisfy specific unfulfilled company needs. They will offer the job to the person they feel is a great fit and to someone they feel will bring significant value to their company. They must also feel that your value-add proposition will more than justify each dollar they pay you for your executive talent. If they draw this conclusion, you are magic. If not, they will hire someone else. SC&C has identified eight executive dilemmas related to career change. These are:

(1) Job Search Myths (5) Securing Interviews
(2) Job Search Economics (6) Controlling Your Interviews
(3) Why Should They Hire You? (7) Effective Salary Negotiation
(4) Marketing Yourself Properly (8) Reasons For Job Search

Many executives fall victim to one or more of the executive career change dilemmas presented above. Any failure on your part to effectively understand and manage these dilemmas will cause short- and long-term financial losses and can result in career mistakes ranging from the uncomfortable to the disastrous.

A company will hire you to join their team because you will make a significant contribution to their company. Your ability to communicate effectively, your talent, and your self-awareness will lead them to this conclusion and to your employment.

Remember, they don’t hire two people for the same job. Moreover, the employee pyramid gets smaller the closer you are to the top. This means that the number of executive jobs is limited and you face fierce competition from other highly qualified people for these positions.

Many executives, when transitioning to higher levels in their careers, fall victim to one or more common illusions, pitfalls, or traps. Failure to effectively avoid or completely prevent career change dilemmas can lead to disaster. As you climb up the pyramid, the grade gets steeper and it is easier and easier to lose your footing and fall down. Using the resources on this site and ultimately working with one of the career change experts at Stewart, Cooper & Coon are synonymous with climbing a mountain with all the right tools. Any successful adventurer will tell you that the secret to success is preparation, knowledge and teamwork. Ask yourself honestly, are you prepared to tackle this climb on your own?

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