8 Executive Career Change Dilemmas

Don’t Let These Hurdles Stop You from Getting the Position You Want

Even though you’re highly qualified for the positions you want and can greatly add value to a company’s top and/or bottom line, employers are skipping right over your resume, hiring less qualified and younger applicants.

You keep sending your resume, applying for jobs, and readjusting your LinkedIn profile, not knowing why companies aren’t calling you back for an interview.
There are eight career change dilemmas that hold executive job seekers back from securing a top executive leadership position. If you’re struggling to get interviews and offers, here’s why.

  • 1 Overly Confident
  • 2 Calculating Potential Financial Loss
  • 3 Not Brand Competitive
  • 4 Marketing Strategies Incorrect or Inadequate
  • 5 Trouble Securing Meaningful Interviews
  • 6 Inadequate Interview Control and Strategy
  • 7 Unprepared for Effective Negotiation
  • 8 Strategy Seems Overwhelming

1. Overly Confident

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I know I’ll find something soon”, “I have a few interviews coming up… I’ll be fine”, “I always get the job”, or “I always get recruited”, or “I’ve never had to look for a job”, you’re letting wishful thinking and past experiences mask the truth of today’s job market.

Even if someone’s promised to redo your job search campaign, if you haven’t secured an executive position in a reasonable amount of time, or you’ve used a career marketing agency to blast 500 resumes, without regard to the end goal, you’re using an approach that’s detrimental to your career success.

2. Calculating Potential Financial Loss

Have you calculated the cash flow cost of unearned income and expenses when you don’t find a position in a reasonable amount of time?  It adds up quickly and it is likely that you will never recover this unearned income during your lifetime when it comes to retirement. It is imperative to shorten your search and reduce your financial liabilities.

3. Not Brand Competitive

In today’s executive job market, there are hundreds of your peers who are engaged in a job search and applying for the same position you are - many not as qualified as you. If your brand does not stand out, and without a custom-tailored executive resume and high-profile LinkedIn page that conveys your value within 12 seconds, your application will be dismissed.

4. Marketing Strategies Incorrect or Inadequate

A shotgun approach strategy to finding your next executive career move doesn’t work. It wastes precious time and money. Using the right executive job search tactics and strategies while conducting your search is critical to speeding up your search. As an executive job seeker, you must present a proper, comprehensive marketing package (brand) that positions you ahead of your competition and positions you as the perfect candidate for your next ideal role.

5. Trouble Securing Meaningful Interviews

Securing an executive interview is the hardest part of the job search process and oftentimes the interviews you do secure aren’t a good fit for what your wants and needs. There are recruiting secrets you need to know about getting past gatekeepers and going directly to the hiring source. After 20+ years of experience in executive placement, we will happily share these with you.

6. Inadequate Interview Control and Strategy

Even if you’ve interviewed plenty of times before, do you know how to eliminate your competition when speaking to a hiring authority? There are key persuasive techniques and strategies you can use to convey your value and ultimately, that you are the only person for this role.

7. Unprepared for Effective Negotiation

Companies want to hire you for the minimum they can pay. You want what you deserve. Not knowing how to position and present your value and then effectively negotiate your package, puts them in and you out of control. This strategy will cost you tens of thousands of dollars each time which compounds to hundreds of thousands over the term of your career. Nobody knowingly wants to leave money on the table.

8. Strategy Seems Overwhelming

You want to find a new position for many reasons… probably too many reasons. If you’re trying to solve multiple issues such as being laid off, being bored, desiring a new career, struggling with ageism, or being stuck at a failing company, you’re trying to solve too many issues at once.

You must target the right companies with the right strategy. These eight career change dilemmas will continue to leave you jobless while other less qualified applicants take the positions you’ve applied for or you may be leaving money on the table, neither of which is acceptable.

Don’t keep making the same career mistakes and extending your financial losses. You can eradicate these pitfalls and traps by working with our SC&C expert consultants who know how to overcome these hurdles quickly and effectively.