Why Should They Hire You?

Think back for a minute over your entire executive career and your previous career goals. Your goals today should be to receive an offer from a company that you want to be with and to be offered a financial package matching or exceeding your expectations. To do this, you must be the finalist among 50-1,000 people applying for the same position. Here is a fact of today’s job market: there are now over 500 applications for each advertised position. That is a lot of people to evaluate and sort through to winnow the list down to 10 finalists.

How do you convey to the hiring authority that you are the most qualified candidate by far for the position? Of course, you could begin with the usual resume, send it out and hear nothing or worse yet, “thanks but no thanks,” and continue to wonder why you are not more successful in getting interviewed and hired. Consider these facts:

  • Your package must be impeccable.
  • A reader takes 12 seconds for you to prove your candidacy on paper.
  • To get an interview, you must get a call.
  • To get an interview, you must get a call.

If you think that a good objective and a few job description facts will suffice, you will never get a significant interview and get hired. Competition is too stiff to allow for such cavalier attitudes in the market in which we now find ourselves. If you care about being seen and hired, then why don’t you send us your resume or just call SC&C. We can discuss your current career goals and see how we can help you, as we have the thousands of our clients over the past twenty years.